By George P. Hassett

Tax hikes passed unanimously

Taxes in Somerville are going up for residents and business owners, even as one aldermen points out that business profits and family savings are down.

“They’re not making money and we’re going up on taxes,” said Ward Seven Alderman Bob Trane at Tuesday’s meeting.

The residential tax rate is going up 3 percent to $12.71 for $10,000 and the commercial tax rate is up almost four percent to $21.21 per $10,000.

The tax hikes passed unanimously.

Foreclosures up 26 percent

Foreclosures in Somerville jumped by 26 percent after a drop last year, said city assessor Marc Levye.

In the first nine months of 2010 Somerville had 52 foreclosures, compared to 41 all of last year.

Levye said home values have remained the same, indicating the foreclosures are not a citywide problem. He said most foreclosures have been the result of troubled loans, unemployment and people living beyond their means.

Heuston: Ward 2 residents want to start neighborhood watch

An aldermen fed up with crime is saying she’s willing to train a brigade of Somerville residents to keep city streets safe.

Ward Two Alderman Maryann Heuston said 25 percent of the motor vehicle break-ins and thefts occur in her ward. “people want to take matters in their own hands and form a neighborhood watch,” she said.

Heuston said she is tired of waiting for direction from city police. “I’m going to hold training sessions myself if I have to,” she said.


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