Large protest on Cedar Street in Somerville

On March 3, 2011, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

- Photo by William Tauro

By William Tauro

Hundreds of protesters picketed the KSS Realty construction project on Cedar Street  Thursday morning.

The protesters marched in support of union workers for the lack of local jobs at the construction site.  The protest  blocked access to Somerville’s bike path with their large member participation.

Photos of out of state license plates from the workers at the MaxPac site. - Photo by William Tauro


13 Responses to “Large protest on Cedar Street in Somerville”

  1. Thanks Ted says:

    thank the Kennedys.

  2. Joseph Keller says:

    We all want ponies! Let’s protest to get ponies!

  3. jamie says:

    It appears that this project is more about the union, than about Somerville jobs. Where are the demonstraters protesting all of the jobs going to illegals? What about all of the jobs lost through ‘automation’. Go into Stop & Shop, CVS, etc., and you have to hunt down the lone cashier. They are using ‘self-checkout’ more and more.
    Also, the picture on your story is a little misleading. It is 2 signs placed together, the license plates are repeated, but it looks at first glance like there are a lot more pictures than there are.

  4. Samuel Gompers says:

    I’m sure that comment makes sense to people who put no thought into their argument. Stay strong, unions!

  5. Local Jobs Supporter says:

    to Jamie:

    These are photos to two of many signs that were there. Whit is so misleading? Should have studied more in school when you were a little tot so today you would have made more sense! If you want to do more for what you wrote, please do something about it other then cry like a little b-tch!

    Local Jobs Supporter

  6. Me says:

    Ha, they must have stood up when the camera showed up. I have walked by them the last few days on the way to work and they are just sitting around. Guess they are not worth their inflated wage rates or they would have a job to go to, as opposed to complaining about those that do have jobs.

  7. Somerspeak says:

    If the Unions can’t guarantee that all the jobs will go to Somerville’s unemployed, then get lost.

  8. MATT VERI says:

    to the person who is name “ME” (coward) apparently you have walked by the wrong spot I have been there everyday in the freezing cold from 6am on. And no one was or has been sitting on the ground #1 is cold Dirty and oil drenched sand. I am a Life long somerville resident who owns property as well as a union worker I am on both side of the issues here. We are in-front of the cedar st entrance and construction site at CYDE and Warwick, I think you are just being a TROLL and making your smart a** comments be hind an anonymous name. Why don’t you come down and stand with us (the somerville community) because thats what a true somevillian does, they stand up for those individuals in their community. Somerville residents who are employed/unemployed had $500,000 of their tax money put towards a project with the promise that local people would be hired as well as union, and now the promise and contract is not being honored. The Union people have show great support and will continue so keep posting negative comments from behind your fake name

  9. MATT VERI says:

    I would also like to address their inflated wage rates most of the work that those union workers do are seasonal or job to job basis. 70% of union workers in the construction trades don’t work 52 weeks a year, 85% of the trades do not get paid holidays personal sick or paid vacation, nor do they due to weather. So considering Mr. Walking “ME” gets to work everyday from your desk with your hour long breaks (we get 30min lunch and a 15 min coffee in the dot.) and your unlimited smoking breaks, maybe you should know your facts before you make comments. The reason we make a good wage ,which y ignorant individuals like yourself don’t understand is because we are lucky to work an avg of 1000-1500 hours a year its the nature of the business. You assume we are working 50-60 hours a week 52 weeks a year. If I did work that much i would be in the highest tax bracket but its not the case check your facts

  10. Demo says:

    Here’s to ALL of you that picketed the jobsite. RSG Contracting is a union company. We are trying to finish our contract with KSS Realty for the demolition work at Max Pac. We stayed away from this supposed Union picket line on Thursday and Friday (leaving OUR guys out of work for 2 days) When we returned on Monday with the backing of our hall you were still there. First of all when any of you were asked who you are affiliated with none of you COWARDS would answer. I didn’t see one sign that stated what local you were with. If you are so called union guys then why do you think there were none of the building trades standing along side of you. Maybe if you want to whine about standing in the cold you should ask Tommy Macintire what it is you are protesting. Do you know? The property we are working on is owned by KSS and we are the ONLY contractor to date under contract with KSS realty. Why are you protesting that they are not hiring union? We are union. KSS has kept open communication with all of you and has not hired anyone else on this site. And by the way, after the disgusting names, threats and other tactics you used against myself and my employees, rest assured no one will ever hire you because you are a poor representation of how a decent human being should compose themselves. As to Matt’s comment, If you are a Somerville resident then maybe you should tell all of the people you are standing next to to pick up their trash they have left behind. I don’t think the residents of Somerville want to look at your mess. I also don’t think Royal Laundry (a Somerville business) needs to have you blocking their trucks and interupting their business day because you would rather stand/sit/drink coffee and jump on my trucks bumpers, threatening us and act like a bunch of children. Why don’t you all look at how much of the Somerville Police’s time has been spent on you disrupting this job site and the neighborhood. We work hard to get work for our company, why don’t you do that for yourselves and stop crying about it. I think we all teach our children to get up in the morning and take responsibility for themselves. Put your best foot forward and maybe you would get a job. These protests are not the way to do it.

  11. Gerry says:

    Are they(you) protesting the lack of union and local workers on the 50 million dollar KSS Realty funded project or the 500,000 state funded project to improve the grounds around their project? It is a shame Somerville has no legal requirement for these type of projects to hire local workers, especially when many towns around here do.

    Couple of articles that may give a little more insight than this article and it’s comments regarding this project and it’s protest:

  12. Mad As Heck says:


    How much does Ted Tobin pay you to sling mud?

  13. Matt Veri says:

    To Jill Miller aka DEMO
    Thank you for hitting one of the people who were peacefully walking using their first amendment right. You can defer to the video link I have put for reference. Also I pick up after we leave because I live 100 feet from where you are working it my neighbor hood and I keep it clean I want my property values to go up not down , I walk my dog and clean up the site and make sure its presentable for everyone who lives in the area. I can’t attest for what you leave behind, the only mess that is left is when you pull out your equipment and drag mud rock and gravel up and down Cylde and Murdock street that’s what the cedar street entrance is for again I have provided a link for videos and pictures.

    I can’t claim responsibility for everyone but I don’t condone any violence or lewd behavior. It would be nice if you stop spreading more lies like people had spit on you. I have been and will be at the site to see this through. Please also stop acting like a child for trying to file a complaint one of the police officers didn’t help get through the gate they have been nothing but helpful and forthcoming for both sides . Every time we walk the Somerville police have been there to keep the peace no one has been arrested or fined for any of the slanderous accusations you are making up.

    I ask any concerned citizen to come down to see what is really going on no matter what side of the issue you take this is for the betterment of the city. We want to make sure next time a major project impacts our community and lively hoods we shouldn’t let it get to this point.

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