The St. Clement Lady Anchors were upset in the state tournament last week after their star player was sidelined for most of the second half.
The Lowell Catholic Crusaders advanced to the quarterfinals with a 60 to 49 win.
Christy Novembre scored 52 points in two regular season wins over the Lowell Catholic Crusaders but went to the bench with bad cramping in her thigh in the third quarter and played only three of the final 16 minutes in the tournament game.

As Novembre sat, the Crusaders went on a 12 to two run to seal the victory.
“It’s unfortunate this happened on the biggest stage and biggest game. That totally took the life out of our team, and made the Crusaders able to press us with her in the game. We did everything we were supposed to and had every chance but with the best player going down didn’t help our chances,” said Coach Shawn Thornton. “I have tons of respect for that program, and hopefully they go deep. We had a great season and all the players should be proud of their accomplishments.”


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