Open House for Head-Out Angled Parking pilot

On April 27, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville Traffic & Parking Department invites all interested residents to attend a community Open House on Wednesday, May 2 at 6 p.m. to discuss an innovative new program pilot, entitled “Head-Out Angled Parking.”

The meeting will be held at Properzi Manor, located at 13 Warren Avenue in Union Square.  The new parking program, set for a section of Bow Street this spring, will increase the total number of parking spaces for visitors by 90% while also enhancing pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The program will be discussed in more detail at the open house, however a brochure can be found on the city’s website at  If you have additional questions, visit, email, or call 311.


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  1. j. connelly says:

    “Please Note I am not being negative, if it appears so it is because of either
    a] the ‘stupidity’ of SOME elected official(s) or their appointee(s).
    b] the ‘ego’ of SOME elected official(s) or their appointee(s).
    c] the ‘envelope puleez’ attitude of SOME elected official(s) or their appointee(s)” Thank you

    As for the plan noted in the city’s brochure.
    IMPROVED HANDICAPPED PARKING as spaces can be placed adjacent to curb ramps. …BUT, by parking this way you still have to get out and go around your car as most curb ramps are at the intersections and there are more HP people than spaces needed. If a HP person works in the area that space is gone for the day.

    BETTER VIEW. …BUT Notice the picture on page 2 at bottom right, pick up truck clearly makes vision area more difficult as truck sticks further out into the street. If a Delivery Van or Truck backs in they will stick even further out into the street obstructing the view.

    Space…. BUT Notice the space between the right striping of the bike path lane and the start of the stripe for the beginning of the car parking space. WAY MORE SPACE THAN WHAT EXISTS ON ANY SOMERVILLE STREETS. Especially Bow St.

    What about the vehicle wanting to park? They will try to turn left into the other lane to back in get hit by a car in that lane or a car cutting behind that thinks the car is going into the left lane plus the time wasted by cars & exhaust waiting for the vehicle to park.

    Increased curb space…. BUT this is just so Joe can get more fees, in other words while he doesn’t want the developers to pay for anything, he’s going to burden the citizens and make sure they do.

    All in All…. Just another one of his schemes & Lego Dreams at our expense…. Remember the slogan.. ”You can be sure if it’s Westinghouse” Well you can ”be sure” that this plan is another wack at the citizens and “be sure” that it will inconvenience you and your insurance rates as accidents will increase from this plan.
    Coming soon…***”Joe’s Valet Parking {tips, taxes, etc., will be mandatory }”***

  2. Charlie says:

    j. connelly, I’m sorry you are so cynical about this new setup. I can honestly tell you it was done with the intention of making better use of street space for everyone. Creating additional parking that is easier to access along with a bicycle lane where one did not previously exist is a win win for motorists and bicyclists. Pedestrians win as well since they now only have to cross one travel lane instead of two when crossing Bow St.

  3. yuppie scum says:

    Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it “head first” like this. If it works, it works I guess. Makes sense for Bow St since that lane they’re getting rid of is more or less useless

  4. j. connelly says:

    (tongue n cheek) Well ‘Charlie’ evidently you’ve spent too much time, as the song goes, on the MTA…… Reality check, the city is too cramped & small to begin with and they keep on throwing more things into the traffic pattern to cause accidents & injury.

    The bicyclists wanted bike paths and millions were spent on bike paths.
    There was no need to place them on the streets. A true case of greed by bikers & the stupidity by politicians who fell for it.

    They are more concerned for the bikes then safer crossings for the women & children.

    Willow Ave, Cedar St, Summer St., etc. are too narrow to begin with and never should have had bike lanes placed on them at all.

    Down the line (and it will happen, the insurance companies all want a piece of the pie) when they are mandated to pay insurance, excise tax, etc. to operate in the streets, then maybe there will be enough money to widen the roads so everyone will be safe. But until it is done, a dangerous situation exists, that shouldnt exist.

  5. mememme says:

    dumbness is running a muck here in Somerville, what a bunch of screwed up freaks of nature.

  6. Bow Street Resident says:

    J. connelly, I think you’re missing a key aspect of the design, namely that the current two lanes for traffic will be reduced to one. This makes room for the bike lane and the angled parking spaces. Longer vehicles will continue to use the parallel spaces on the south side of Bow St, but normal ones will fir nicely into the angled spaces. Delivery trucks will use a large loading zone in the morning on the parallel parking side.

    Going to a single lane will eliminate the kind of risky lane changes and passing that you describe. This is especially important for pedestrians, because when a car stops for someone crossing the street, sometimes a car behind the one stopping will quickly change lanes to get past, only to encounter the pedestrian right in front of them. There is and always will be a lot of jay-walking on Bow St because of the restaurants and shops. 15 years ago an elderly man was killed in front of the Neighborhood Restaurant in this kind of scenario. It’s also a fact that drivers will go a little more slowly on a single lane street, so if there is a crash, it is likely to be less severe due to the lower speed.

    Although it might seem that losing a lane would mean that Bow St couldn’t carry as much traffic as it does now, the fact is that almost all of the vehicles on Bow St come from a single right turn lane off Somerville Ave in the core of Union Square. Because the right turn lane is already limiting the traffic input to Bow St, going to one lane won’t have much effect on traffic capacity.

  7. j. connelly says:

    So now on Bow St. there are 2 lanes, one to stay on for Summer St. & one to go out on to Somerville Ave. Thus the new plan, traffic will back up into Union Sq to Prospect St. every time someone slowly backs into a space or as usual the ones who don’t follow the rules will drive in foreward and when backing out cause a delay.

    Everyone (as usual is being conned). They made both Highland Ave and Elm Street one way to improve traffic flow and several years later the police reported in the newspapers that since the city initiated that plan there was an increase in pedestrians hit by cars.

  8. TrafficEngineeringIsKey says:

    Bow Street Resident: I appreciate the effort that has been put into the new designs, but I’m curious if actual qualified traffic engineers have looked at the plans and evaluated what the traffic implications will be. I have to agree with j.connelly , which is rare for me. Reducing to one lane in that area doesn’t seem like a good idea. Traffic will get backed up quite a bit, especially as the area becomes more of a destination with new restaurants, etc.

  9. Bow Street Resident says:

    I’m told a qualified consulting traffic engineer designed the plan, and of course T&P has its own professional engineer (Terry Smith) and I assume he has reviewed this. Before people get too excited, remember that this is just a pilot program! If it doesn’t work out, it will be modified or reversed. The changes will be limited to painting stripes, moving meters and putting up some signs, so it won’t cost much.

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