Somerville Police swear in four new police officers

On May 25, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By William Tauro

Four new police officers were sworn in after their approval by the Somerville Board of Aldermen.

Eli Kim, Patrick Canty, Tyler Sousa and Joseph Rivera took the oath of office before their families and friends and will begin their Academy training in June.

Somerville Police Chief Thomas Pasquarello, Deputy Chief Michael Cabral and Deputy Chief Paul Upton were in attendance at the ceremony at Somerville City Hall.


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  1. SomervilleJake says:

    “POP” Quiz – Which one of these police candidates was a “Roommate” down in East Somerville of the two Firefighters who were laid off because they didn’t “Live” in the City? I guess the Police Department has more juice at the Mayors office than the Fire Department!

  2. Ray Spitzer says:

    Congratulations! The new guys look in MUCH better physical shape than the guys with the white shirts.

  3. Ray frost says:

    Congrats, no veterans or life long Somerville residents good enough for the good.

  4. Mike says:

    5 years ago doesn’t matter only a year before the last test… Get your facts straight jake

  5. SomervilleJake says:

    Sorry Mike, I apologize, my bad, I didn’t realize Voter Fraud and Civil Service Fraud had a 1 year statue of limitations. Once again Mayor Joe sticks it to the firemen.

    P.S. I didn’t notice you denying he “lived” there though? Once

  6. DCR says:

    I know some Somerville firemen who told me that the Firemens union thought the sun rose and set on Mayor Joe when he ran for mayor. My understanding is that the Colbert guy that just stepped down as president of that union was all for Curtatone as was the new president Ross. I’m told that his sister and brother are both on the city payroll.

    My message to the firefighters union is “be careful what you wish for-you might get it.” Their pal Mayor Joe did a flip flop on keeping jobs in civil service(which he was all for as an alderman) when he became mayor. And he stuck it to city retirees and current employees on health care.

    But I am told that the new president Ross is a real wonder kid and that he will be great for them-NOT!!! You gotta love it.

  7. j. connelly says:

    Then again some politicians operate on the the P.T. Barnum quote and practice it frequently (“a sucker born every minute…”) Promise them the world and screw them when they are not looking. So “be careful what you wish for-you might get it.” is a good thing to remember

    My Uncle was a firefighter (50’s, 60’s), he told me they did not have as many multiple alarm fires then like they did from the 70’s on. I asked him why and he said each Engine back then had five firefighters each shift & each Ladder Truck rode with 6 firefighters each shift. Thus they had the manpower to knock the fires down quickly.

    Today each piece of fire apparatus in most cities ride with three firefighters each shift. SFD with cuts, etc in the last twenty years there is also 1 less Ladder truck (#4) and 2 less Engines (#4 & #5). So you have to remember they need a Firefighter to operate the Engine’s Pump, same for the Ladder truck, that leaves 2 FFs from each piece of apparatus to enter the burning building.

    Thus today the buildings are bigger/taller and the response (Apparatus/Personnel) is less.

    So the same politicians in these cities who make the personnel cuts, thus
    putting the remaining firefighters/police officers at risk. Then have the audacity to show up at the funerals when one of these public safety personnel die in the line of duty. However there was one Chief’s wife who in her grief was still aware of that fact. When the politician showed at the funeral she had him escorted out of the church. That woman should be made the patron Saint of the firefighters.

  8. Hillson says:

    J. Connelly is correct about these sham politicians. They cut everything but their own ranks. Even though the population of the city is down they still have eleven aldermen, the mayor has his aides and spokespersons and the like. The politicians are deceitful people. God bless the firefighters and policemen that protect all of us and God bless our military personnel on this Memorial Day.

  9. Alexis says:

    Eli <3 😉 I'm sure he remembers me haha!

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