Class Day’s ongoing tradition

On June 6, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Class Day 2012 brought generations of SHS students past and present together in celebration of Senior class achievements.

By Emmanuel Vincent

It was a memorable day for the Senior Class of 2012 this past Friday as they took part in the annual Class Day. The event is a long-standing tradition at the school. The graduating class of 1962 was in attendance as each year the 50th anniversary class is invited. Parents, friends, and family were in attendance to show their support of their loved ones who have reached a significant milestone in their life.

Applause was given and numerous photographs were snapped, capturing multiple still moments of the event. Video recording of the event took place by members of the audience as well. Certainly, this was a pivotal moment in their loved ones’ lives and they took full advantage of having every single moment archived.

The first part of the event was held in the Centennial Auditorium, where a number of scholarships were given out to students during the ceremony. In addition, it was announced what school they had been accepted to and what institution they would be attending in the fall. These schools included Clark Universty, Tufts University, and the University of Massachusetts. The ceremony also consisted of speeches, a class poem reading, and the singing of a class song.

Senior Class Parade on Highland Ave. – Photos by Emmanuel Vincent

Class Day also marked the end of Anthony Ciccarello’s tenure as the Headmaster of Somerville High School. Circarrello is highly respected within the Somerville High community. He had made a profound impact and many feel that it will be very difficult to fill the void that will be left. “Mr. Ciccarrello has been a friend of mine for serveral years,” says John Oteri, Mr. Ciccarello’s predecessor. “I hope to continue on his success and build upon it.”

The second half of the event consisted of a parade down Highland Avenue, which the senior class participated in. Additionally, there was a “planting of the ivy” as graduates usher in the graduating class of 2016 with the handing off of a shovel.

Class Day was a great way to acknowledge this year’s graduating class and to remind no don’t forget those who they made bonds with during their duration at Somerville High.




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