Newstalk – July 11

On July 11, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Somerville native Thomas Vasconcelos has taken out papers as a Republican candidate to run against Rep. Timothy Toomey, who represents part of Somerville and Cambridge. Also running is independent candidate Mike Connolly from Cambridge. The younger Vasconcelos is a SHS graduate.


Representative Denise Provost also has an opponent. Harry Kortikere, of Oxford Street, is certified to run, as is Denise. Apparently, Harry is a Somerville newcomer and is also a Democrat that leans far to the left, and thinks Denise should be replaced. We think that Denise Provost isn’t doing a bad job, but a challenge is always good to bring out the differences between both, as in any race.


A special thank you and a big hello to our friend Margaret Durkin, a lovely lady who we met at Alibrandi Barber Shop last week. Margaret is a lifelong resident who has fond memories, like a lot of us do, about the Olde Somerville. We know Margaret is going to read this because she tells us she’s a huge fan of The Somerville News. By the way, Tony has a full crew up at his shop and if you’re looking for a great time and lots of “what’s going on in the city” stuff. Stop by and for less than a lunch and a quick drink you can get a great haircut.


Happy Birthdays this week to the following ‘Villens: A big time Happy Birthday to Somerville Police Officer Mike Wyatt, who is a very nice guy – just don’t get caught speeding down Broadway. Special friend Charlotte Pye. who’s a great lady from a great family. Paul MacLeod-Woodfill, from the famous East Somerville Macleod’s. We wish a great day and birthday to Michael Terrio and hope that his wish comes true. Happy Birthday to Cindy Hickey, the Director of Council on Aging. Also this week is State Rep. Carl Sciortino. Mark Healey and Debbie McKenzie, both also fans of The News. Our own Billy Tauro, who can be spotted every now and then at a “breaking news scene” with camera in hand. A very special birthday to Alderman Ward 1 Bill Roche. a real nice guy and probably without a doubt one of the top Alderman here in the ‘Ville, to him a great day. To all our July ‘Villen residents, we wish you all a great day and week here in the ‘Ville.


We hear that Senatorial Candidate Elizabeth Warren filmed one of her commercials under the McGrath Highway Overpass this past Saturday. Wow. We wonder if she saw our pigeon story last week or is she rallying for the bridge’s demolition and is she jumping on the bridge bandwagon?


One of our Newstalkers was down at Vinnie’s Supperrette on lower Broadway and witnessed the lady behind the counter make a homeless person – or maybe he was just down on his luck – after buying his food ask him eat it outside. What’s wrong with some people, being rude like she was? Or is she another person who should take a manners course? Isn’t that called discrimination?


Last week’s News was a little mixed up with the numbering of the pages. We apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused, and we didn’t realize it until after it was being delivered out. We also want to comment on the lack of papers being delivered out there. We deliver to all our locations (over 165) throughout the city. In some instances the papers just disappear off the rack. Call the office if there is a problem at 617-666-4010.


A very special hello goes out to our good friend Vinny Scaduto, who just turned ten years old and is one of our favorite young readers. When Vinny turns of age he wants to be considered for the position of The Somerville News Boat Captain. We’re going to seriously consider it, but he has to continue to do good in school.


This coming Thursday morning the entire office staff of The News will be having breakfast at Renee’s Cafe on Holland Street. We hear the food is great and, of course, our favorite waitress Patty is on duty.


The Somerville High Class of 1982 is celebrating their 30th Reunion at the Orient Heights Yacht Club, East Boston, MA. It will be held on Saturday, August 25, beginning at 6 p.m.  The cost per ticket is $25. They will have a DJ and appetizers. Please contact Marybeth (Torname) Caturello, 85 MacArthur Road, Stoneham, MA 02180,, 781-438-3120. Make checks payable to SHS Class of 1982.


The Somerville Police would like to wish 911 operator Robert Hartsgrove a Happy 21st Birthday.


The annual SomerMovie Fest begins tomorrow, July 12, with a screening of “Megamind”  at Seven Hills Park in Davis Square.   Movies are shown every Thursday night through August 30th beginning at dusk at locations throughout the city, culminating with a Viewer’s Choice selection, voted by attendees throughout the summer, of one of the four following films: “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Despicable Me,” “Eight Men Out,” “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Pride & Prejudice (2005).” See the city’s website for a full schedule,


Kids ages 10 and up are invited to make soda-tab bracelets with eco-artist Kristy Medina tomorrow, July 12 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the East Branch Library, 115 Broadway. Registration is required for this workshop – call or stop by the East Branch to sign up.  This free program is funded by the Friends of the Library and all are welcome.


Somerville Ward 3 Alderman Thomas F. Taylor has called a community meeting for 6:30 p.m. July 11 at the Argenziano School at Lincoln Park to discuss the proposed redevelopment of 181 Washington Street. On the site of the former Boys and Girls Club, the Somerville Community Corporation plans a $15 million mixed use development with affordable housing on the upper stories with retail and office uses on the ground level.


7 Responses to “Newstalk – July 11”

  1. j. connelly says:

    Tony Alibrandi…With all the time & funding he has spent promoting the sport. Shouldn’t they name the ballfield section of Trum Field after him?

    The page #s are nothing, what counts is the news quality & the News delivers that and it doesnt cost $2.00.

    If you name the kid the Captain, then you got to change Billy Tauro’s title to the Admiral where he owns the yacht…otherwise you might lose your cameraman.

    And we all know that the News Staff will be great tippers and not be like those 2 freeloaders on weekend TV always looking for a free meal. Their father Eddie must be turning over in his grave with those two. Then again arent they both lawyers?

  2. j. connelly says:

    How about a poll on which Presidential candidate would win in Somerville?

  3. A Moore says:

    Waste of time j. connelly. You already know it will be the wrong one as usual.

  4. j. connelly says:

    Yes, your probably correct but one can always hope.

  5. Ray Spitzer says:

    “You already know it will be the wrong one as usual.”

    A Moore, that is an easy prediction, given that both candidates are wrong!

  6. Donny boy says:

    just to bad that wacko Senator Jehlen and her little minion Carl didn’t get an opponent, these two are the laughing stock of the State House, other senators and representatives constantly laugh at these two idiots.

  7. Ray Spitzer says:

    My brother in law is in the State House and he does not laugh at them. Any names of people who are laughing at them?

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