Letter to the Editor – August 8

On August 8, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

To the Editor of the Somerville News:

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Since the subject has been raised publicly, I want to confirm for your readers that this summer I have been laying the groundwork to run for the Ward 5 Alderman seat in 2013.

My top priority continues to be to serve Ward 5 as its representative on the School Committee, which I have done for 6 1/2 years now.  I will continue to work hard and do everything I can to improve our schools in that role through the end of 2013.

This summer I have been spending a lot of time working for the election of three terrific candidates, Denise Provost for State Representative, Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate, and Maryann Heuston for Register of Deeds.

I did not think it appropriate to speak publicly about my interest in running for Ward 5 Alderman because the next municipal election is 15 months away in November 2013 and there are two extremely important elections coming up on September 6th and November 6th, 2012.   But since the subject has been raised, and rumors are flying around which may affect some of my colleagues on the School Committee, I wanted to clarify things.



Mark Niedergang

Ward 5 School Committee Representative


2 Responses to “Letter to the Editor – August 8”

  1. outsider says:

    Yahoo — another progressive will bite the dust.

  2. j. connelly says:

    Dont get upset…Massachusetts & local politics have a history.
    Yup some of them start on the schoool committee, thus learning the political bad habits of Somerville politics and then graduate on to another political city office to learn how to “progressively” move up the ladder of “screwing the taxpayer” and “white envelope puhleez 101”. Then later for some, they move on to “Corrections 202” for a new career “Making License Plates 10-12″…..lol Aint politics grand? His score on the choice of candidates (1 out of 3) wouldnt make him rich if he was betting at Foxwoods…lol

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