Lyrical Somerville – August 8

On August 8, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Joanne DeSimone Reynolds


I always tell my creative writing students: “Detail, Detail!”  And in this featured poem by Joanne DeSimone Reynolds she evokes a scene–a place in time, with lush and evocative detail.

Joanne DeSimone Reynolds lives in the Boston area. She is currently working on a chapbook, “Comes A Blossom.” She earned her degree in English Literature from Boston University and studied poetry with Nadia Colburn at Lesley University. She is a member of Tom Daley’s poetry workshop in Cambridge. Joanne is a Bagel Bard and a member of the Concord Poetry Center. Her poems have appeared in Ibbetson Street Press, Wilderness House Review, and the LBJ Avian Bird Literary Journal. Joanne’s poem, “Chihuly,” is contained in Dale Chihuly’s personal archive. Her work will appear in a forthcoming issue of Salamander Magazine.









Sunshine slices like a sterling cake knife into the lake


this, the latter-born time of the nubile day


Under the dock we hover like a bloom of sea jellies


wait out the fogies coupling


as they climb the sandy pine-root stair


to tip wine, gin martinis


We turn gelatinous under the cool rippling as we


uncouple from our swimsuits leaving them


to drool upon the long stiff dock


—Gliding away, sluiced by green-gold light, we are


deep among green-gold bosom-boulders


the bells of our silken heads, all propulsion


Loose as tentacles, we take in mouthfuls


saltless, and blow


until all around us is champagne fizz


Groomed by liquid beams, we peer with owl eyes


no vows needed here


–  Joanne DeSimone Reynolds


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