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On August 22, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

This Friday night big night here in the ‘Ville is the Somerville Fight Night, presented by the Somerville Boxing Club, at Dilboy Stadium. Doors open at 6:000 p.m., first bout at 7p.m. A great night supporting a good Somerville organization that works with our youth.


On Thursday night there will be a fundraiser for Sean Fitzgerald, who has decided to run again for Alderman At Large. The fundraiser is being hosted by former Mayor Dot Gay and is being held at Sally O’Brien’s at 335 Somerville Avenue from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sean is the very first to let it out that he’s going to run for one of the four Alderman At Large seats. Much to the dismay of the present incumbents who will have to spend some money to keep their seats, this will make five candidates for the seat. They need nine for a primary, which would be great. This along with Mark running against Sean in Ward 5. We hear there are rumblings going on in Ward 3 as well as Ward 4 and Ward 7. All this and we are 14 months away from citywide elections.


Speaking of elections, it’s going to be a tough battle with both Maria Curtatone and Maryann Heuston running from the city here, for a county seat. They both are working very hard but so is that guy over in Framingham, Tom Concannon, who lost county wide in a recount few years back. Candidate Robert Antonelli, who once was a county elected official and then was removed from office, is running hoping that no one will remember him being removed as Register of Probate. He’s counting on being the first person on the ballot. We’re hoping that voters skip over the letter A and move to Curtatone or Heuston, both two of Somerville’s finest ladies.


The election is September 6, a Thursday. Very unusual. Normally, elections are held on Tuesday but this year it’s a Thursday. Representative Denise Provost is out there and not taking her seat for granted. She’s busy working the district here and we predict an easy victory for her. She’s done a good job.


Happy Birthday this week to some of The Somervilles News’ fans: To Cliff Clark and Thomas Talbot. Both have grown up and moved on, but still have ties here in the ‘Ville.    Also, Happy Birthday greetings go out to our good friend Bert Gay. Bert is turning 72 years old this week and we wish him all the best from The News. Happy Birthday to our good friend Richard Foscarota, who is celebrating here in the ‘Ville this week. Happy Birthday to our good friends Larry Rogers and Ricky Barletta, and former residents Mary and Maureen Hart, both now married and raising their own families.


This Saturday, the 25th, from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. over at the Orient Heights Yacht Club, 61 Bayswater Street, East Boston, Massachusetts 02128, Somerville High Class of 1982 is holding its 30th reunion. Tickets at the door, plus it’s casual dress.


Also this Saturday, there will be a headstone fundraiser for Jamey “Jibbs” Corocoran. This is an event to help the family raise money for a headstone for Jamey’s grave, to be held at the Portuguese American Civic League, 26 Springfield Street here in the ‘Ville. Donation is $20. A 50/50 raffle will be held and there will be a buffet dinner.


Happy wedding anniversary to our good friends Maryann and Dennis Sinclair. We wish them many more years of happiness.


There was an incident the other day at Magoun Sq. Dunkin’s. It seems that one of the young ladies might need a brushing up on manners and how to talk to customers, as well not over-charging for an unordered drink. Whatever happened to the days when you were trying to make the customers come back and do business with you? This is not the first time we saw it happen at this location. One time one of our Newstalkers stood right behind a customer who was trying to get her drink the way she wanted it, not the way they wanted to make it. Maybe this particular store doesn’t need any more customers?


Keep your eyes open for the new community theater company that will be performing its first production which will be A. R. Gurney’s “Love Letters” at the Armory in the late fall.


We hear that the Olde Paddock Restaurant recently closed and a new restaurant will be moving in very soon. Sources tell us that the new place will be fantastic and a big hit here in the city. What a great location and only a short time after the recent closing. We will let you know more, once we have all the details. Some of us here at The News used to love going to the Paddock on Friday nights. Hopefully, they will bring that special feeling back for the neighborhood.


Rumors are flying around regarding who will be the new head of the Inspectional Service Department. Some names have surfaced, so far no one from within, and the job’s not even posted, and yet there’s a big interest in it. That begs the question, do or should ISD inspectors enforce the law or interpret the law?  For a while now there have been inspectors – well certain inspectors – that have been doing both. Do you think that is OK?


The rumor that the paper is going to close down is far from the truth. We are here to stay and you know why?  Because we are truly the only locally owned, operated and staffed media by local residents. That’s right, the only one. Now, the rumor about delivering door to door, that’s a different story altogether. That just might happen. Can you imagine door to door throughout the city every single week? We’re thinking about it. Just a little more encouragement might be the ticket.  Local papers with only local news and stories are here to stay, but regional papers and high priced out of town papers are slowly disappearing.


35 Responses to “Newstalk – August 22”

  1. Candidates are announcing early, wow!

  2. Linda says:

    When are you announcing? 😉

  3. Ron Newman says:

    What is the name of the new theatre company? Do they have a web site yet?

  4. Jimmy B says:

    Fitzgerald having a fundraiser sponsored by his former boss Dot Gay is a huge mistake. There’s a reason she lost in the PRIMARY. And, rumors are that Mayor Joe is already telling people he’s running for governor, and there are people angling to run for his seat.

  5. RumorMill says:

    Rumor has it Billy Roche is retiring from Nstar and beginning his campaign for Mayor (assuming Mayor Joe leaves), and that Mayor Joe will be fully supporting him.

  6. Luke says:

    I would like to see Billy Roche or Bill White. Both are smart guys and would do a great job as Mayor. Sean Fitzgerald got a decent amount of votes in 2011 along with Todd Easton. You can count them both in next year. Sean should have an easy win and it will be interesting to see who pull for Mark’s old seat. Easton?

  7. hopeful says:

    I am voting for Sean, hopefully White looses or Sullivan, Roche would make a good mayor but how about Maryann Houston?

  8. j. connelly says:

    Don’t need same old…same old. All these guys did was rubber stamp anything the mayor wanted. Very few stood up and challenged the mayor on behalf of their constituents. Need someone totally new in the mayor’s office, with no ties to the “good old boy network, someone who will work for all the people instead of just for a few. [please stand by for the usual “hack” rebuttal].

  9. Bob says:

    Roche was acting mayor for a year and chose not to run for the full term back in the late 90s. Why would he leave a chushy NStar job for one he could have had in 2001?

    I personally would like to see some new blood who hasnt sat on the BOA for 20 years get involved. Easton was great last time around and Id love to see him run again ward wide. Same with Katiana Ballantine, she could actually beat Trane this year.

    Andrew Lafuente and Mike Capuano Jr have been active and would be great candidates and have been rumored to be considering running before.

    Any of these candidates would have great bases of support in the city and at least Cappy Jr and Lafuente Jr could connect with”both new” somerville and “old” somerville if they ran at large or for Mayor and both have great name recognition.

  10. Jim says:


    If Roche retires it would give him a pension that would be a great addition to the Mayor salary. Joe Curtatone increased the Mayor’s salary in the first few years he held the office.

    Yes-both Capuano and LaFuente have name recognition that would be great for them. Trane has pushed through some new ordinances that he could ride on in 2013. He needs to update his website though.

    Easton and Fitzy should come back for large. They got great numbers and could pull more and there names would be recognized.

    Sean is going to sail over Niedergang which is fine and I’d like to see Easton or Courtney run for school comm–both are involved and I speak to Courtney all the time.

  11. j. connelly says:

    Remember when the DPW Commissioner, Jack Havican served in the mayor’s post? (Geez! no one from the BOA or even the city hall mouse
    wanted it then)

  12. Steve McGarrett says:

    Curtatone running for Governor? I can’t wait!! Will Jackie be “helping” on the campaign? The past is itching to come out and rear its ugly head. The great union buster running for Governor. There is a God. Remember this, Mayor Joe-what goes around comes around. See ya on the campaign trail.

  13. yippie says:

    hopefully more candidates for every office in the city next year, even for Mayor, get rid of these pension politicians and elect people who are new and hopefully progressive thinkers.

  14. Jeffrey C. says:

    If Curtatone wins for Gov we’ll definitely get the greenline. I like all the at large guys and think they do a good job but there’s always room for improvement and we dont know it until it happens. Roche as mayor would be interesting, but I would like Bill White better. It will be an easy win for Sean O’Donovan and I would like to see someone thats not a progressive go for School Committee if Mark holds true to running for alderman. I dont know Courtney but read her website and I met Todd when he ran for at large. Either one of them would be ok in my book.

  15. Mike says:

    If Andrew LaFuente runs he will be running against two of the at largers that assisted his father in getting elected. I see him running for school committee in ward 4 first.

    If Joe Curtatone goes for the Governorship you can bet we’ll get the Green Line through Somerville so that may not be a bad idea. I do like him as a our mayor but if we can get that state connection we so desperetly need that may be better.

    Sean won’t have an issue and I’m excited at the prospect of an O’Donovan–O’Keefe led ward 5!

  16. A Moore says:

    I would love to see Curtatone run for govenor. Not win, just run. I like Bill White, I think he is a very honest person, he is also one who follows up on things I have asked of him over the years. Actually calls back when you leave a message or email; Don’t always like all of his ideas though. Probably won’t find anybody I would totally agree with anyway. Always had an interest in LaFuente, but I would like to see more time as alderman to see how he is.

  17. Bob says:

    J Connelly, any idea of the “new blood” you’re looking for? I mentioned the few I heard about, any other ideas?

  18. j. connelly says:

    It is disappointing to hear that some forecasters are saying that neither candidate from Somerville will win Register of Deeds. I hope a lot of Somerville people get out and vote. All elections whether National, Statewide, County or Local, are very important.

    I just hope the candidates are there to represent ALL the people and not just certain groups. I do not want a candidate who will bend over for the developers at the expense of the citizens. Somerville is too small for all these grandiose development plans. I like the charm of the squares without tearing everything down and building higher & higher to cast the neighborhoods in shadows on a sunny day.

    As long as they and their families are not related/affiliated (hack job, etc.)
    with any of the “good old boys”, or politically [un]correct/n.w.c. I would look at them. There are a few incumbents who have made a good effort and I would not rule them out. Anybody out there find my stolen Maryann Heuston sign?

  19. kevin crowley says:

    congressman michael capuano would be a better governer.

  20. j. connelly says:

    “Kevin” Capuano/Governor? Why so he can sit there on “Bacon Hill” and make the same remark he made in DC when the Republicans ruled the chamber on Capitol Hill. That he was going to sit there & basically do nothing & collect a paycheck (politician welfare). No when he went to DC he became one of the Good Old Boys and went downhill.

    I disagree with the pundits, his kid needs to work his way from the bottom up, DPW (laborer), Traffic & Parking, school committee, then BOA, etc.
    Everyone wants to just hand him the higher positions. His father worked his way up and did some positive stuff in the past. the kid needs to do that word Maynard G. Krebbs (Doby Gillis fame) hated to hear “WORK!..!..!”

  21. PJ says:

    What’s this talk about another Capuano? please have you seen this idiot on the planning board? What and idiot just like his father, your more then right, we elect Mike to go to DC and the only thing this guy has accomplished is being one of Nancy’s wacko’s alleys. Which by the way was properly the one reason why he lost the election to Babes.
    We need fresh blood, new blood throughout the City, can’t stand the fact that city elections are so boring. We need fresh faces with bright ideas and not some of these self interest group people like the board of directors of SCC, everyone of them has run for office representing their own interest. Bring on fresh independent voices, we elected one new face so to speak in Ward 4 last year, this year lets get rid of the hanger on at large alderman and a few of the wards. I wish i could vote for the new guy running against Denise but alas we have to wait till the final election to vote out Carl her buddy, you ever notice by the way that Denise votes right along with Sen. Pat and Rep. Carl….no independent thinking whatsoever any more!

  22. Jimmy B says:

    PJ and J Connelly, seems like you are dinging Cap Jr just because you don’t like Cap Sr. Curtatone started at large and was only there a few terms. Capuano Sr. ran for mayor after serving as a ward alderman for 1 term, then ran again while not in office in 81.

    Dorothy Gay left the school committee ten years before she ran for LG (and lost) and then mayor. Lester Ralph had never been elected to anything before mayor and is considered one of the best mayors we ever had.

    Capuano Jr has been pretty good on the planning board and is a Harvard educated lawyer. PJ what did the guy do to make you think he is an idiot? Vote against one f your projects? I personally think he’d do a good job with those quals.

    I also think LaFuente Jr would be great in the BOA. He’s a good kid by all accounts, went to Bentley, works in private sector. Either of these kids would be better than some of the layabouts or attention mongers in the chambers or the corner office.

  23. Ray Spitzer says:

    As always, the people who have better things to do are not in public office. The mediocre people who have nothing better to do end up running for local offices. The way things go.

  24. Somerbreeze says:

    We could probably do worse than have Mike C. as governor, but I suspect he’s more in tune with his role as a Rep.

    If Mayor Joe ran for gov., we’d really have a “Leggo Joe” from City Hall, wouldn’t we?

  25. j. connelly says:

    Nothing like keeping it in the family, A Lawyer from Hahvud…thats a big minus. Hahvud has a “certificate” program for people from unions thinking it would get Hahvud on labors good side….It did, now Hahvuds employees are unionized to Hahvud’s chagrin….Chumley & Dad are not happy about that.

    If they are so good as Hahvud lawyers why are they taking jobs that pay less than what they would make as a lawyer????
    The monetary potential of white envelopes???
    Curtatone’s a lawyer and is costing the taxpayers big bucks from losing suits from the unions.

    If they really cared for their city how come none of them volunteered to serve for years on one of the city’s volunteer groups like the auxiliary police or fire. (evidently doing traffic duty, checking school bldgs at night or working at fires or pumping cellars for no pay is beneath all of these political wonders). None of them want to truly give, they all just want to take for their own personal profit. There are a few good proven officials, the rest are just users.

    Time for all the “Good Old Boy” generations to be BANISHED from the public payrolls.

  26. j. connelly says:

    Unofficial Newstalk Addendum…Somerville Saturday Sightings….
    Drove up Cedar St, Stopped @ Bike Path to see a small black pick up truck with matching cap coming down path from Lowell St toward Cedar and at the intersection drive up Cedar towards Broadway. Time to place barriers at entrances to bike paths before some drunk goes and mows down a woman, child, baby carriage.

    The Little Figs on Highland Ave looked like it was doing a brisk business.

    The crew at the firehouse Engine 7 had kids in looking at that nice fire truck.

    The Armory & Anthony’s looked quiet. The Bike Rack @ city hall looked like a few bikes were rented out. The Monument in front of the great Central Library looked great, nice and clean with it’s gold markings.

    Down by Targets, by look of parking lot they had a good number of customers. Fire Station Engine 3 was dry…wait till Tuesday.

    Ah, by the SCAT Bldg. Traffic was so backed up from people backing in on Bow St, that you could have gotten out of the car, picked up 3 different veggies and back sitting in your car still waiting for traffic to move. Get a mirror for the T&P guy & mayor cause they and their hacks are the only one’s dreaming that this parking plan is a success.

    Now to demonstrate the hypocrisy of political correctness. Cars backed up sitting in traffic for periods of time spewing exhaust fumes into the area of the fresh veggies at the farmers market. Yet the same people buying at the Farmers Market will demand screens in front of salad bars in restaurants/food stores. Stupidity! Ah you just gotta smile and walk/drive away.

  27. A Moore says:

    j. connelly only the beginning of traffic problems here. Just wait until all those new condos and apartments are finished. Should have gone down Cedar where it is one way and see the bicycles going up one side and down the other with no room for my truck. You need nicer gloves if you want them to do volunteer work. Union Square I still go around it, think the last time I had to go through it was over 5 years ago. I am not that brave anymore and can’t afford the gas to sit in the middle of the street.

  28. Ron Newman says:

    j. connelly, the bike path currently ends at Cedar Street. The right-of-way between Cedar and Lowell is not yet part of the bike path, and is temporarily used as a construction entrance for Maxwell’s Green (MaxPak). So that pickup truck probably belonged there.

  29. j. connelly says:

    Well “A. Moore” be ‘entrepeneurial’, get a trailer hitch for the truck to tow the gondola you’ll be using to make deliveries in the square. Once the developers build… the flood water will take longer to drain. Thus after deliveries you’ll be the only ”water taxi” in the square.

  30. j. connelly says:

    No it did not as anyone who saw it will think that they can do the same thing. It is a serious safety factor period. The thing was rushed, Deval took time from his busy “book tour” to get it done cause the Kennedy Clan was involved & has since dropped out. The Kennedys drop out, Ikea drops out, what’s next??????

  31. teddy says:

    hopefully you drop out of commenting

  32. Ron Newman says:

    The right-of-way east of Cedar Street is pretty clearly marked No Trespassing and as a Construction Entrance for Maxwell’s Green. It will become a bike path next year, but it isn’t one yet.

  33. j. connelly says:

    “teddy” go back to work at your hack job. “Ron” thanks for your political correctness.

  34. j .connelly says:

    Oh, and “teddy” remember who is running the show.

  35. Somerbreeze says:

    Teddy, go play in traffic. In Union Square.

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