Harry Kortikere

We submitted questions to the two candidates for State Representative, incumbent Rep. Denise Provost and opponent  Harry Kortikere.

Response by Harry Kortikere


Short bio:

I am a resident of Somerville and am a Ward 3 Committee Member (D) and a State Committee Member (D). I have graduate and undergraduate degrees in Engineering. Prior to joining Harvard Ext to pursue a Management degree, I spent over a decade in technology, business and consulting. I have been actively involved in politics and public policy for over a decade and have been part of various campaigns. I am passionate about helping local and small businesses, trade schools, promoting art and culture in our community, protecting workers rights, women’s rights and preserving our environment. I have supported the work of local organizations like “Groundwork Somerville.” I intend to bring a decade of experience in shaping policies that will help Massachusetts.

As an opponent, what qualifications do you feel you have that makes you the best candidate for State Rep.?

I have been actively involved in politics and pubic policy for over a decade. I have been on various Presidential campaigns in the past, but most recently served as an “Organizing Fellow” with the President’s campaign in Somerville. I have had the opportunity to talk to people about their concerns on jobs, wages, healthcare costs, infrastructure issues and a myriad of other challenges we face today and as a Committee member, have had the opportunity to weigh in on some of these issues. I have spent a decade in technology, business and consulting in the East/West Coast and the challenges that we face today require someone who can offer innovative solutions and bold leadership. My academic background, professional career and policy positions therefore make me the best candidate for State Rep.


What is the number one issue you would address as a State Rep.?

I have put forth several policy positions that are important like helping small businesses and startups, increasing funding for trade schools, adjusting minimum wage for inflation, improving infrastructure, MBTA deficit, term limits, protecting workers rights and women’s rights etc. While all of these are crucial issues that impact all of us, I believe that the most important issue we need to focus on is creating jobs in Massachusetts. While we have a lower unemployment rate than the national average, we also have significant student population graduating from Universities across the State and losing this intellectual talent to brain drain would make us uncompetitive in the long run. We need to have economic and business policies in place that take into account the global world that we live in. This requires re-tooling of our skills, funding for trade schools that fill a skills gap, creation of free trade zones to attract new technology and manufacturing companies to Massachusetts, increasing funding for start ups and making it easier for small businesses to obtain loans. These measures would increase revenue to the State in the long run, so we can adequately fund education, infrastructure and other critical needs of the State.


Do you believe in term limits and why?

James Madison in his speech at the Virginia constitutional convention in 1829 stated that “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” I take this quote to heart and have therefore made term limits a cornerstone of my campaign platform. Power concentrated in the hands of a few over time leads to entrenched interests that are resistant to change, stymies new ideas and is inherently unhealthy for a Democracy in the long run. I believe that being elected to public office is a privilege and that all elected officials should pledge for term limits so as to give other members in the community an opportunity to get involved in shaping public policy. If elected, I will commit to term limits and propose such legislation!


Comment (anything you would like to add)

It has been privilege for me during this campaign to have had the opportunity to meet the residents of this wonderful city. I humbly ask for your support during the Primary on Thursday, September 6.


10 Responses to “Q & A: Democratic Candidates for State Representative, 27th Middlesex District, Somerville-Harry Kortikere”

  1. SomMom says:

    I notice Harry K mentions Somerville 3 times (he’s a resident of Somerville, he has “supported the work of local organizations like Groundwork Somerville” (which could mean he donated money? or just supports it philosophically?), and he worked on the Obama campaign in Somerville.

    I don’t see much here or on his website that indicates he really knows much about Somerville or this district, though.

  2. j. connelly says:

    Yes! Show me a candidate who spent REAL time (weekly/monthly, volunteering, for at least five years) not just making a donation or casual appearance.

    Too bad Dan Hayes, owner of Good Times, passed away. Here was a person who truly gave time and money to the community. [ One time he had seen one in use when he was on a trip to another state. A person collapsed at the airport, no vital signs, and was successfully brought back to life ].

    Several years back he offered to purchase automatic defribillators for any city agency that would need them. whether they needed 1 or 25, whatever, It fell upon deaf ears by the city. Ironic as I just saw a request at a School Committee Mtg to purchase some of these devices.

  3. A Moore says:

    Wish I knew more about him. Would love to get Denise out of there but can’t find out too much about this person.

  4. teelesquaremayor says:

    Any politician that argues against term limits is just a hacks hack. There should be term limits at every level of government, especially for state level electorate. shame on denise p.

  5. Highlander says:

    Seems Harry K. is a smart guy. He has Denise P. in a PANIC!
    With a week to go — my house has had 5 different campaign mailers from her. Granted she has called in some favors —at least 2 of them are union funded. Vote Harry for change

  6. Giacomo Perri says:

    I will not vote for him because he has a funny nose. Provost, on the other hand, has a funny mouth. It’s a real dilemma! :)

  7. kevin crowley says:

    denise provost is the best public servant we have. i hope she gets the strong vote she deserves.

    what’s not to like? she is straight forward, has integrity beyond doubt, works hard for our city and is not an ideologue.

  8. Highlander says:

    Consider this: Somerville is an immigrant community . Harry K is from India. He is a well educated , accomplished immigrant . He will bring a world view that the incumbent can never possess. Harry’s votes will affect legislation for the 27th as well as the entire state. Our president will win reelection , HE is a man of color. What is wrong with allowing a man of color to represent our district?Please do not show bias – this is democracy at work.

  9. Kay says:

    I too would like to get Denis out of that seat, but Harry’s website does not mention or sufficiently address the topics that concern me. Too bad.

    I have tried to communicate with Provost a few times about the green line, etc. and she has never responded. Not impressed with her.

  10. Hello Kay:
    Please feel free to contact me through the contact option on the campaign website. I would be more than happy to address any specific policy issues that are of concern to you.

    Harry Kortikere

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