The Somerville News Person of the Week – September 5

On September 5, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Somerville News Person of the Week, George Landers.

Meet George Landers. Oh, you’ve seen him all over the city and probably wondered, “Who is that guy?”  George is one of – if not the only – DJs that the city has to do all the events. He also works for the City of Somerville. Up until a short while ago George worked as head of Inspectional Services, but he’s since been moved up in the City Hall ladder of fame.

George played at the recent “Somerville Boxing Night” up at Dilboy, as the welcoming announcer and DJ, keeping the wild crowd (not really) happy with his always in-tuned music. George is extremely outgoing and very friendly. Most of all a very nice guy who is so sincere about how you’re doing and what’s going on type of thing. Maybe that’s the Irish in George. He’s been to Ireland many times, we hear. His family is from there. He’s lived here in Somerville most of his adult life. George is married and raised his family here and still lives here. Most of all, George is extremely well known in the political circles, but he’s not a politician. He’s very good at being a DJ on the side, of course, not letting it interfere with his job. And we hear he’s doing a great job for the city. You’ll see him around the city and now you’ll know his name. Say “Hi” and see that big smile. You’ll know why we picked George as our choice as The Somerville News Person of the Week this week, September 5, 2012.


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  1. Rubin says:

    George is such a kind hearted man , we enjoyed our time with him when he visited our Assisted Living !

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