Alert neighbor reports break-in attempt

On September 5, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Somerville police received a call last week reporting that a man appeared to be breaking into a Putnam St. residence. The caller reported that he could see a man in the back of the residence using a screwdriver to pry open a kitchen window.

As responding officers arrived at the scene they were advised by dispatchers that the man had reportedly fled the area.

The officers then began searching the area and soon found a man walking along Prescott St. who closely matched the witness’ description.

The man was stopped and questioned by police, and he claimed that he had just finished getting something to eat and was on his way home.

The suspect, Octavio Carvalho, 45, was detained while witnesses were questioned about the incident. One witness reportedly told police that he knew Carvalho and that he believed the suspect’s wife lived at the Putnam St. house at some time. He further stated that he heard the sound of breaking glass before officers had arrived, and that he also saw Carvalho holding a screwdriver in his hand, according to reports.

The witness agreed to do a “show up identification” and was driven past the spot where the suspect was being detained. The witness reportedly made a positive identification of Carvalho.

Police then informed Carvalho that he was under arrest and would be charged with breaking and entering. While waiting for transport, Carvalho reportedly told police that he was “out on recognizance” for prior charges of breaking and entering. Inquiries confirmed that Carvalho had a prior history of similar incidents, according to reports.

The owner of the Putnam St. residence was notified and an examination of the premises showed that no property was missing, but that one window and two screens had been damaged.


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