Lyrical Somerville – September 19

On September 19, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Poet Emily Pineau.

Stop, look, listen. We forget about that when we rush around during our busy day. Who knows? There just may be a poem waiting out there. Stop and listen to what poet Emily Pineau has to say.

Emily Pineau is a sophomore at Endicott College who studies creative writing and enjoys writing free verse poetry, articles, and short stories. Recent publications include The Somerville News, various online newspapers that are associated with The Boston News Group, The Endicott Review, and Ibbetson Street.

I notice

Everyone is in a rush

to go Nowhere.

No one lets anyone be

in front of them.

Punctuality is key.

No one should be

late going Nowhere.

Red lights,

signals and

stop signs

do not apply

to those who

are going Nowhere.

Rules only apply

to those who

are going


When waiting

at a traffic light,

I notice a bird

scoop up a bundle

of twigs and straw

in its mouth and

fly out of sight.

Suddenly I forget

where I am going.

-Emily Pineau


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