No action on Armory request

On September 26, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Donald Norton

What looked like a possible resolution and vote this past week before the ZBA on the fate of the Armory’s request for easement of restrictions on hours of operation and other issues was not to be.

The ZBA board heard a request by Alderman Jack Connolly on behalf of Sean O’Donovan and Tom Taylor to delay the vote and have the neighbors and the Arts at the Armory go back and hopefully come up with some agreement.

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted to delay the vote until October 17.

One source at the hearing said it would almost be a miracle if the Arts at the Armory didn’t go out of business, as the whole process has been stretched out so long.

The large turnout at the VNA on Lowell Street where the board met showed that disappointment was felt on both sides.


3 Responses to “No action on Armory request”

  1. MarketMan says:

    I agree that drawing out the process is an effective vote for NO and will put the armory out of business.

  2. Ron Newman says:

    The vote was delayed because the Planning staff issued a revised set of recommendations, which hopefully are sufficient to address the neighbors’ concerns. Most notably, the new recommendation makes clear that the extended hours of operation apply only to Arts at the Armory and not to any possible future tenant who might replace them.

    The ZBA delayed the vote so that the neighbors have time to read and digest the new recommendation.

  3. j. connelly says:

    They knew what was going on with the original agreement. They evidently are not people who deal honestly with the neighborhood and are now trying to alter the agreement and probably had it planned that way from the start.

    If the neighbors totally support it fine, if not then the original rules should apply.

    Will the Armory be mandated to have detail officers to address not only trouble issues that may arise due to alcohol being served inside but also to have an officer outside to address parking problems so driveways are not blocked, no outside problems affiliated with Amory patrons, etc???
    So that the area cruiser is not spending the shift at the Armory??

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