Three campaigns: One agenda

On October 26, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Joseph A. Curtatone

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No municipal offices are at stake on November 6: Somerville’s next local election will be held in 2013. This is, nonetheless, an extremely important election cycle for our community right down to the neighborhood level. No one should sit this one out. That’s why I have been giving as much of my time as I can spare to three very different campaigns at the national, state and local levels.

Here in Somerville, I have given my strong personal support to the passage of Question 4, a ballot measure that would enable Somerville to participate in a state-sponsored program created under the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA). I am by no means alone in my support: this proposal has been endorsed by every local state and municipal elected official – our Aldermen and our entire statehouse delegation – as well as numerous local business and community leaders.

Question 4 will allow us to access a source of state funding that’s been available for years to richer suburban towns, but which cities like ours found less attractive until the legislature made a series of key changes last year (changes that were pushed hard by the Metro Mayors Coalition and other civic groups in the region).  By establishing a local fund supported by a 1.5 percent surcharge on property tax bills (that’s about $33 annually for the average single-family homeowner; $16 per year for the average condo owner; $60 per year for the average two-family homeowner), Somerville will gain access to state matching funds.  In the first year alone, we estimate (very conservatively) that the combined revenues would total more than $1.7 million.

With this new funding, and guided by a special community preservation board acting with the review and approval of the Board of Alderman, the City would be able to make significant new investments in parks and open space, in the preservation of historic city buildings like schools and libraries, in the creation and improvement of certain types of recreational facilities and in programs designed to keep local families from getting priced out of Somerville housing.  (Contrary to the statements made by some opponents, Question 4 will NOT raise tax rates by 1.5 percent; the surcharge comes after the tax bill has been calculated.) The benefits will far exceed the modest cost and I ask every Somerville voter to say “Yes” to Question 4.

I’ve also been working when I can for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign to unseat Senator Scott Brown. The Warren campaign’s state headquarters are right here in Somerville, and I can tell you from direct experience working with her on policy issues and campaign events that she has a deep appreciation of the opportunities and challenges faced by Massachusetts cities and towns. Her support for investments in infrastructure and transportation to jumpstart economic development, and her commitment to quality education and sound environmental policy make her by far the best choice in the U.S. Senate race. (By the way, we have invited Senator Brown to Somerville, but so far as we know he has yet to visit us in his official capacity.)

And, finally, it’s been my privilege to serve as part of the surrogate corps for the national Obama campaign. When it comes to getting elected officials out on the campaign trail to speak on his behalf, the President pretty much has his pick of mayors: his polices helped cities and towns survive the recent recession, and his commitment to encouraging sustainable, transit-oriented development is helping attract billions in private-sector investment to Somerville and the entire Metro Boston region.

Wherever I go to campaign for Obama – Iowa, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania – I’m teamed with local mayors who have shared my experience of the way that the Obama Administration has worked to revitalize cities across America.  My particular contribution on the campaign trail is to talk about my firsthand experience with the way that then-Governor Mitt Romney pushed costs off the state budget and onto cities and towns from 2002 to 2006, forcing cuts in local services so he could balance his books while leaving communities like ours to take the heat and make the hard choices.

President Obama’s reelection; Elizabeth Warren’s run for U.S. Senate; the broad-based community coalition to pass Question 4: They’re three very different campaigns, but all three are vitally important to Somerville’s future prosperity.  I’m proud to back all three and I urge every Somerville resident to do the same.


53 Responses to “Three campaigns: One agenda”

  1. teelesquaremayor says:

    I agree with the good mayor on 2 of the 3 points. I will be voting Democrat across the ticket but he is dead wrong with Question 4! It raises taxes and rents for those who already are getting priced out of Somerville. Not good for anyone, especially renters.

  2. A Moore says:

    I have one agenda too. Voting no on question 4, voting no for Elizabeth Warren and voting out Obama. Got my three in order too.

  3. Ray Spitzer says:

    No on 4 for me. Yes on Warren, and Yes on Obama. A Moore, Alabama would more than welcome disgruntled NE people! :)

  4. Winter Hill Barney says:

    Affordable housing doesn’t seem to me to be a legitimate use for community preservation funds. If the money was earmarked only for historic and common space purposes, I’d be all for it. But it’s not.

    Instead of squeezing more subsidies for the poor out of middle class people, we should regulate our economy appropriately so that everyone has the opportunity to work and pay their own way.

    YES to BO and EW. NO on Q4.

  5. Carol says:

    Yes on 1
    Yes on 2
    No on 3
    Yes on 4

  6. matt says:

    NO on OBama
    No on Warren
    No on 2
    No on 4

  7. Pistol Pete says:

    No on Obama
    No on Warren
    No on 2
    No on 4

    People who’d like to invest in the City more can contribute on their own. Some of us cannot afford another nickle on Taxes.

    Somerville natives are not be thought of. We are being tax out of our City.

  8. Jackie Velos says:

    Y on Obama
    Y on Warren
    No on 2
    No on 4

  9. amen says:

    Amen. stop picking my pocket. Cancel a few of your 2 mile-long parties and use that $$$$. Stop screwing up traffic for working people who foot the bill and can’t even navigate their own neighborhood during these “festivals”. It’s so ironic that I sit in your traffic nightmare trying to get to my second job while the folks with no $$$ worries are carving up pumpkins or selling their artworks. What kind of effort do you put out for me & my family? ZIPPO.

  10. Chris W. says:

    N on Obama
    Nooooooooooooooooo on Warren
    Yes on 2
    No on 4

    these spending liberal progressives, always want to spend other people’s money except theirs. Spend, Spend, Spend but the well will dry up and they (the mayor) will be gone and the problem to pay back will belong to another. Did you know that the city of Somerville receives a sale tax on your coffee at DD, now? So they can hire more hacks and wanabe hacks for their own political machine.

  11. Harry says:

    No on Obama, No on Warren, Yes on 1,2,3 ballot questions and NO on 4 thru 7. A big NO on 4 too.

  12. Mike Cann says:

    YES on Obama
    YES on Warren
    NO on 2
    NO on 4

  13. The Wizard says:

    I am with Harry on this one. And next mayoral election or whatever he runs for it will be NO ON JOE!!!

  14. Rob says:

    Yes on Obama and Warren are no-brainers, but it’s shocking to see how short sighted these comments are about Question 4! Fair enough to say that we could come up with a “better” way to bring money into Somerville, but no one has, and who’s to say someone will?! Question 4 is on our ballot NOW, and I plan to vote YES. It’s payoff far outweighs its cost – for all of Somerville’s residents.
    Yes on Obama
    Yes on Warren
    Yes on 4

  15. Mary says:

    wow, lets go ahead and vote in the same narrow minded one sided liberal progressive dem’s that will cure the economy wont’ it? As much as I dislike the alternative, i and my family life long democrat (before the party was hijacked by these liberals) are voting
    No on Obama, No on Warren —
    yes on 2 and No on 4 and changing my party affiliation from Democrat to Independent, its no longer the party of JFK and LBJ

    keep America strong and put people back to work in the private sector, support local small businesses. Help the Democratic Party has been stolen by public sector employees and unions and narrow minded politicians that create a base of supporters with the money called taxes. Again NO on 4.

  16. guilt-free vote says:

    can’t imagine anyone can vote for this President after Benghazi. Sitting there watching it unfold in “real time” and refusing help? People fought for hours expecting help any minute? Can you imagine when they realized nobody was coming? And the lies went on for weeks – i prefer to stay home than have any part in keeping this man in charge of my country. Read the whole story, read Charles Woods (parent of victim) statement and tell me you can vote for O with a clear mind.

  17. Ray Spitzer says:

    “guilt-free vote”, I cannot imagine that, but it’s very easy to imagine what’s inside your brain.. Lots of plaques and thinning gray matter…

  18. MarketMan says:

    amen: What kind of effort/support would you like to see for your family? I keep seeing these complaints in posts, but not seeing what you would actually like. I am honestly asking. Without saying, you just come across miserable that others are enjoying a festival while you have to work hard.

    Mary: A sincere question: do you think that Romney intends to help small local businesses? I have not seen/heard any evidence of that.

  19. Harry says:

    MarketMan, I know you asked Mary the questions, but let me jump in here if I may. I don’t know what Romney will do to help small businesses, but I do know that Obama hasn’t done squat to help small businesses and many of his policies have HURT SMBs. So rather than vote for someone (Obama) who has failed (miserably) I’ll give the next guy (Romney) a shot. What’s that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? I’m not insane. I’ll vote for Romney.

  20. amen says:

    the points been explained ad nauseum. it’s a tough economy and property taxes just keep going up. i’m fighting to maintain my home and keep up with taxes while my income is hurting right now. In my world, if money’s a problem, you don’t throw parties. Fireworks, festivals, Jazz, it’s all lovely, but then you turn to us for more cash. makes no sense. No problem with pitching in my share if the city is spending responsibly, but not with this open checkbook attitude. Does that make it clear?

  21. MarketMan says:

    Harry: That argument makes sense. I’d like to better understand how Obama’s policies have hurt small business? Are/were you a business owner?

    amen: Yes I am now clear. Thanks, I better understand your concern. Some may argue that parties/festivals are part of responsible city spending. So it may be that the city *is* spending responsibly but some people aren’t able to afford their share of the responsibility. But I do think that the city is *not* necessarily spending responsibly, but not because of the festivals.. just because of *some* government hacks that just want their paycheck.

  22. A. Moore says:

    It is pretty sad Harry, I have to vote for Romney who I never liked only because Obama can’t do his job. Probably won’t care much for him as president too but there really is no choice here. Amen, maybe we need to get back to good old fashioned way of doing things. When we got paid we took care of our rent first, then the bills and food. Then whatever was needed and then some for savings and if we were real lucky some would be left for fun. City could use some good old fashioned common sense. If they are going to keep wasting my money I am not voting for question 4. Or maybe I am just not a fun guy.

  23. Ray Spitzer says:

    Harry could not resist jumping in for Mary simply because Harry IS Mary…

  24. amen says:

    festivals & celebrations are fine. but we have 2 fireworks events each year. very expensive, as are most of these things. they can be done simply, with a lot less expense. and dont buy the story about donations paying for these things. that doesn’t cover DPW, Police & Fire prep & clean ups. those things just get rolled into the budget. The over the top nature of these things and shutting down 2 miles of road seems to shove in my face that we have lots of money to throw around. then you raise my taxes.

  25. The Wizard says:

    This president is a failure. He was unqualified for the position. As an Illinois State Senator he voted more times “present” than yes or no on issues. He wouldn’t take a stand on major votes-he took the safe way out and voted “present.”

    He was only in his second year as a United States Senator when he was elected president. He never even ran a lemonade stand.

    And look at who started his political career-Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. THey are both radical, convicted domestic terrorists. When Obama was running in 2008 for president he was asked about their convictions for terrorism in this country. Rather than condemn them, he said “I was a little boy when that happened.” He evaded the question.

    Obama has divided us by race and class. He is a fraud who constantly gets a free pass from the liberal,left media. Remember when he used the phrase”like a typical white person” when he first campaigned.

    I am not thrilled with Romney, but there is no way Obama gets my vote. Obama is a socialist who belives in redistribution of money from those who earn a living to those who don’t want to work.

    If he is re-elected(which I think will happen) it is all over for this country as we know it. THe debt will continue to skyrocket, unemployment will stay high, and our economy will collapse.

    But I will say this-get out and vote no matter who your choice is. Voting is a great privlilege given to us by our service people over the years.

  26. Harry says:

    MarketMan, I’m too lazy to do the work for you, but if you can’t see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears that Obama has crushed small businesses then use that new fanfled thang called the InterWEBZZZZZ. You know google things a bit like….

    and stop discussing things by asking so many stupid questions. Don’t believe your teachers when they told you there is no such thing as a dumb question. There are and you’ve managed to ask some already.

  27. Mary says:

    I know if I was lucky enough to have a spare $10,000.00 in cash laying around and i wanted to invest it, I would gladly give it to Romney then Obama. That’s the only question today we should be asking yourself, forget about this stupid war on women shit, women aren’t and shouldn’t be that stupid to think that’s really happening.

    Vote Tuesday Romney/Ryan instead of Obama/Biden
    Vote for Romney/Ryan because the last four years sucked, the economy sucks, gas prices suck, food prices suck and illegals are getting more and more of our tax dollars.
    Vote against question 4 on the ballot because this is another tax grab attempt by this Mayor and Board of Alderman. We wonder why they keep raising FEES and FINES and creating new Taxes….One simple reason they aren’t opposed in their bid for re-election so we give them the power to do this over us.
    Politicians shouldn’t be paid to serve the people, its not a career and it shouldn’t be. We should have local and statewide term limits.
    And finally I am who i am I am not anyone else online posing as someone else, I know its hard for Liberal socialist to believe that someone can disagree on their politics. I am a life long Democrat from a life long Democratic family, but more and more of my family are leaving the Democratic party and becoming Independents.

  28. Ray Spitzer says:

    Mharry,Go back to Alabama.

  29. amen says:

    MarketMan, if you want to understand how Obama has hurt small business, you should get back copies of all kinds of newspapers and search internet sites (reliable ones) Some of us have been following all along, especially those of us who spent years on a business only to be told we ‘didn’t build that’.

  30. MarketMan says:

    Harry: I have done research and I see arguments on both sides. I want to hear from small business owners directly to hear what they have to say, and I thought you might be one given your comment.

  31. Ray Spitzer says:

    “search internet sites (reliable ones) ”

    Right, like Drudge Report…

  32. MarketMan says:

    Mary: Woah! Are you serious??!! Politicians shouldn’t be paid? You take the term “civil servant” too literally. :-) …if they aren’t paid a salary, then they would either be: (1) independently wealthy, (2) do a horrible job (because they need to work for a living), or (2) rely more on donations and back room deals… ie, more corruption! Would YOU be a politician if you weren’t paid a salary? Come on, think about it.

    amen: You missed Obama’s point when he said “you didn’t build that”. I agree that it wasn’t the best way to deliver his message, but his point was that the US government’s services have a big influence (often indirectly) in assisting businesses exist and grow. For example, look at infrastructure. Most companies rely on infrastructure that is provided by the government. The US for many decades led the world in infrastructure, helping businesses. Another example is safety. Compare the ability to operate a business in the US compared to say Mexico or El Salvador, where crime is out of control. Nobody wants to invest money in a region where safety is an issue, because you are likely to lose that money. The government enforces laws and maintains safety, which indirectly helps business grow. That was his point.

  33. A. Moore says:

    All I know is when Bush went out my business and 3 close business friends who are all in business for themselves have seen a huge drop in business. I am getting by on less than half of what I used to make. If it was not for the fact that I am on SS now I would have lost my house. My other friend had to stop taking paychecks from is business so he would not have to lay off people. He gets by with his wife working and some real estate. Another one also is on SS and his wife so with the drop in business he can get by also. My other friend just gets by on less also. Maybe it would have gone this way regardless of who got in, that we will never know. The only thing I would like to do before I go is to have someone to vote for. The last few elections have been brutal, we just don’t have the right people looking for this job or maybe they can’t afford to run. I don’t like Romney, I have D on the end of my name and I have to guess he is the better person for the job and that is pretty sad.

  34. MarketMan says:

    A.Moore: I have a hard time believing that those businesses went down hill because of a president change. What were the businesses and what changed that caused them to not be profitable?

    I think Massachusetts residents already know what to expect from Romney. Are you happy with what he did as governor?

  35. Mary says:

    Market Man (properly a left winger- never had a private sector job in his life) Resident do already know what to expect from Romney, but to use that logic, we more then know what to expect from Obama as well, and Obama has had a more serious impact on the nation as a whole. Simple truth, do you want four more years of the same high gas prices, same high economic unemployment nationwide and local, and the fact Obama won’t submit a budget in his four years, because he can’t cross the isle. Or do we want to change and maybe give a business man a shot at it….for the next four years and if he screws up we can replace him. But enough bullshit and crap lies Obama instead of moving us forward has created class warfare to the degree we have never seen.
    I’ll ask again, if you had $10K laying around and you wanted to invest it, who would you have invest it for you Obama the social worker or Romney the successful businessman? Even government employees have their pensions invested and properly invested into some of Bain Capital Investments… The answer is easy, Vote Obama out on Tuesday and vote NO on Question 4 no matter how many city employees tell you the opposite, a fee is a tax and a tax is a fee, imposed by government. And please don’t vote for Obama’s twin Elizabeth Warren, SCOTT BROWN HAS DONE A GREAT JOB FOR MASSACHUSETTS, HE HAS SHOWN US HE WILL WORK WITH WHOEVER AS LONG AS ITS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF MASSACHUSETTS. Warren, has more then once said she will never cross the isle to work with anyone other then Harry Reid….. isn’t that sad

  36. amen says:

    MarketMan – when you try to explain the Prez’s ‘you didn’t build that’, you don’t seem to grasp one major point. the infrastructure/police/all the things you reference? I already paid for all that — how do you think those things happen? it’s just ridiculous to say i succeeded in business because the govt. provided these things. I provided those things.
    why did businesses go under? This Prez brought in new regulations, and health care requirements that are bringing undue burdens. Please don’t ask me to name the regulations, I don’t have time to school you. You have to pay attention all along, you can’t just catch up now.
    we were promised open hearings/televised so all could have input and understand Obamacare. Never happened. So it all gets passed to small businesses when they never had a voice or a chance. I don’t like Romney, but I’ll take him over this guy.

  37. Ray Spitzer says:

    Allright, Ramen AKA Mharry, stop it please, or you’ll end up affecting the outcome of the Election!

  38. A. Moore says:

    MarketMan, I made it a point in each of my postings that I was not thrilled about Romney, I just think he is the better of the 2 we have to choose from. We already know Obama can’t do the job, that was obvious before he got elected. The R side had no one up that could do it either. If Obama had done a half decent job, not even a great one he would have take this one easy. Either way we lose. Most of my friends and myself are trades people and one is computer grahics and other is in the closet business another in the sign business. As posted before who knows if business would be the same regardless of who got in last time. That we will never know. Brown on the other hand has been pretty decent, I have been in touch with him last year. He at least from what I have seen is working more for us than most anyone else. I would like to see him in another term to see if he continues. He does seem like a real hard worker, best pol that I know of at this time. And my opinion is worth every cent you paid for it.

  39. Harry says:

    MarketMan , would you define yourself as a socialist or communist? How has Obama helped Small Businesses. Please be specific.

  40. Jackie Velos says:

    Harry, would you define yourself as brain damaged or merely in the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease?

  41. amen says:

    very nice, Jackie Velos. ridicule illnesses because someone disagrees with you. you must be related to Ray. (BTW i assure you i am one person using one name) Name calling/ridicule have always been where people go when they have no point.

  42. Jackie Velos says:

    Amen, I don’t know if Jackie is right; she definitely has a point as Harry comes across as brain damaged. Regardless, you and your multiple version of yourself have ridiculed yourself enough on this board that Jackie’s comment is rather unnecessary!

  43. Fred says:

    yes on obama, obviously. romney is an enemy to the real americans. those that work and pay our fair share (actually we pay MORE than our fair share b/c people like ROMNEY DO NOT pay their share and hide it in offshore accounts. sickening that ANY of you would support such a man.

    warren yes…mote of the same w/ Brown and his support of the rich and powerful while he lies to us constantly.

    yes on 1 businesses should not have that much power once we buy their products. period.

    yes on 2 – it is MY life and me and my loved ones should be able to choose w/o any gov’t telling me when or how to die when I am so very sick that i have no choice of a respectable life. MY DECISION!

    yes on 3 – the TRILLIONS we have spent on an endless ‘war on drugs’ is and always has been a waste of our taxes. we have made ZERO headway in the past DECADES but have WASTED TRILLIONS and inprisoned far far far too many people which also COST BILLIONS!!!
    marijuana use is a joke compared to alcohol and tobacco use.

  44. Pistol Pete says:

    Ray Spitzer… take your trust fund and move Cuba. You seem to love socialist paradises. I’m voting for Romney and Brown and no on 4.

  45. Pino Pistolino says:

    I am Pino Pistolino and I endorse Romney/Ryan!

  46. Mary says:

    Dearest Fred, please get and education in the real world and stop with the class warfare, you sound like Stalin with your stupid and uneducated comments. We live in a Capitalist society here, people like you keep wanting to change the best economic system going by looking down at success.
    Yes on Romney, Yes on Brown stop believing in the liberal based propaganda ministries of NBC, CBS & ABC, investigate for yourself the claims made by both sides.
    Warren’s latest claim to stop high cost of education for our youth…..while she makes $370K a year as a Tenure Professor at Harvard, teaching one hour class a week? That is why education cost has gone sky high..
    and your claim that Romney has his money in off shore accounts, check it out so doesn’t Kerry and the Clintons…..its not a crime to do that, they still pay taxes on that money as income over the investment.
    stop drinking the kool-aide and read about this stuff.

  47. Ray Spitzer says:

    So, when it comes down to it, that’s where your bitterness and mental disorder are coming from, Mharry? From not getting into Harvard?

    Poor, poor thing, obviously academia was not for you! :)

  48. MarketMan says:

    Ok. I have never worked in the public sector. I am a capitalist (hence, my nickname). I do believe in *some* social welfare, but not necessarily in its current form. But that is another discussion.

    What I find hard to understand is why so many working/middle class folks who complain about not having money for certain things in this economy (or any economy) would want to have a president/political party that seems to take more away from them and puts more money in the hands of people in 1% (or even 0.1%). Do *your* research.

    Also, why is that these same folks argue that all media outlets are biased towards the left except Fox News? Hmm… conspiracy against the right?? And somehow Fox has a halo and isn’t benefitting from *any* kind of propaganda? They are the only honest media source? Really??!

    Most of the economic growth that has happened in US history has happened while tax rates of the upper brackets were higher than they are now. So why do people believe that keeping taxes for the rich low will increase economic growth? Think about it… what will cause more economic growth? If 1% of people have more money to spend or 99% of people have more money to spend? I know that is simplistic, but it makes a strong point. Yes, when the rich have more money they may invest more but often they keep money in cash or in investments that don’t create jobs.

  49. Harry says:

    MarketMan, nice little joke there about being a capitalistic. I cracked up. In the long run, no one cares really what you define as – your postings have removed any doubt about your leanings. Comrade.

    In any case – 47% pay no federal income taxes. Is that fair? How about we say if you pay no income taxes for 10 years concurrent and/or you’re on assistance then you lose your right to vote (unless you’re a retiree, disabled or otherwise unable to work). If you’re not kicking in then you have no right to determine who sets policies. Right> Makes sense.

    And lower taxes has spurred growth –

    The top 1% pays more than their fair share and those in the top 25% pay the majority. How is hat fair?

    Do a little reading…. and not the dailykooks or huffho.

    Romney/Ryan and NO on Question 4.

  50. noabitya says:

    The t.v. media is the crux of the problem, they no longer “report” the news. They “create” the news, starting the Presidential election news far in advance by years of when it is needed thus forcing candidates to needlessly spend exhorbitant advertising dollars. On election eve they try to take away the power of the voters by “predicting” the winner before the polls are closed. They truly need to limit candidates advertising to stop the media glut/greed.

    Similar the sports media, you just finish watching the game and they then have a show telling you what you just watched and then again after the Sunday 11 o’clock news. Enough already.

  51. A. Moore says:

    noabitya,this is why I never contribute to these things. I don’t want to pay for those stupid ads regardless of which side that insult us. It’s like the same people write the ads for both sides. The news thing, some people like that. For me I will check Wednesday when I get up. Whoever it is we will be stuck with for the next 4 years until we go through this all over again. Well, off to vote.

  52. MarketMan says:

    Harry: You need to do more reading. The number is of people not paying taxes is actually 46%. And of that 46%, half don’t pay because they are too poor. A family of 4 earning less than $26k a year has no tax liability after standard deduction and exemptions. The other half don’t pay because they are taking advantage of tax credits geared for senior citizens and the low-income people.

    Yes the 1% pay a lot into the system. That’s because they earn a lot. But that’s in absolute numbers. When you look at the percentage of their income that they pay, it’s often much less than the percentage that middle class people pay. If my tax bracket is roughly 30% of my income, why should someone making more than 10 times my income pay less than 30% of their income?? This argument is probably geared more towards those in the upper edge subset of the 1% that earn most of their income from capital gains, etc.

    FYI: Capitalism can exist with government regulation, taxation, and some income redistribution. Pure capitalism is like the wild west and can cause huge instabilities in the system. So yes, I am not a “pure capitalist”, but I’m not a socialist. I think most people that call themselves capitalist are not pure capitalists. In any case, socialism is not communism. There are some socialist countries (eg, Sweden, Normay, etc) that do quite well and have higher standards of living for the avg person than we have in the US. They have extremely wealthy people too, but just not as wealthy and not as many. But they also have much fewer people in poverty and much fewer uneducated people.

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