Somerville BOA approves pay raises

On October 31, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

After weeks of study and discussion, the Somerville Board of Aldermen approved pay raises for non-union city employees at its regular meeting last Thursday.

Approximately 150 city workers’ pay rates will be increased after nearly six years with no raises. It was determined that Somerville offered much lower salaries than comparable cities elsewhere of comparable size.

Advocates of the pay increases argued that high turnover of workers impacted the city negatively and proved to be costly in terms of providing training for new employees and getting efficient returns, as far as experience is concerned, from those who were hired.

The Board was also expected to vote on proposed increases in pay for the city’s elected officials, that would include the mayor and aldermen, but a motion was made to have the matter studied further by the Legislative Matters Committee.

While considered by many to be relatively modest increases, Board President Tom Taylor said that concerns had been raised regarding the proposed increase amounts and the categories that they would fall under motivated him to recommend sending the issue back to committee for more analysis and discussion.


7 Responses to “Somerville BOA approves pay raises”

  1. Ray Spitzer says:

    Can anyone tell us what is the hourly rate these folks are paid at? Just a rough number, for comparison…

  2. Marin says:

    Has anyone asked Rebekah how she skewers city employees yet takes over 40k ( with insurance) for her part time job. She should be ashamed.

  3. Marin says:

    BTW. Rebekah, that is entry level pay for many city workers not on top of full time pay for another position. Thank the tax payers. I thought Board positions were for those that want to serve not to feather their nest.

  4. Marin says:

    Maybe Rebekah can take Alderman Lafuente ‘s lead and give her potential raise to charity. What do you think?

  5. Mary says:

    we have 150 non union city appointed personal? wow, what and army Joe has for himself when he wants to run for higher office or just to keep himself in office?

    I wonder how the union people are handling this, since they have no contract for seven years now… Maybe they don’t mind?

  6. Mary says:

    oh sorry….
    don’t forget to vote Romney on Tuesday
    don’t forget to vote independence and vote Scott Brown
    vote no on question 4

    and hopefully next year we can get a term limit petition around the city for city elected politicians.

  7. Ray Spitzer says:

    Mharry, just go back to Alabama…

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