Somerville’s Unofficial Results: 2012 Election

On November 7, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

U.S. President

Johnson / Gray  543

Obama/ Biden  28,467

Romney / Ryan 4,865

Stein / Honkala 747

write in 108

blank 332


U.S. Senate

Scott Brown 7038

Elizabeth Warren 27,412

write in 45

blank  567


 7th Congressional District

Michael Capuano 29, 063

Karla Romero 3,658

write in  68

blank  2,273


State Rep.,   34th Middlesex

Carl Sciortino   7,7157

David Rajczewski  1, 162

write in  39

blank  1,232


State Rep, 26th Middlesex

Timothy Toomey  3,020

Thomas Vasconcelos  414

Mike Connolly  1,113

write in 16

blank  439


State Senate, 2nd   Middlesex District

Pat Jehlan  28,160

write in  434

blank  6,468


State Rep.,  27th Middlesex District

Denise Provost 16,657

write in  234

blank  3,579


 Middlesex Sheriff

Peter Koutoujian 23,377

Ernesto Petrone (Unenrolled)  4,741

write in 192

blank 6,752


Question 1 ‘Right to Repair

Yes  26,787

No 4,486

blank 3,789


Question 2 Prescription of Life-Ending Medication

Yes  21,210

No 11,904

blank 1,948


Question 3 Medical Marijuana

Yes  25,733

No  7,357

blank 1,972


Question 4 Community Preservation Act in Somerville

Yes  24, 358

No 7,714

blank 2,990


Question 5

Yes  24,643

No 5,285

blank  5,134


Question 6

Yes  23,650

No 6,703

blank 4,709


Question 7

Yes 24,934

No 4,967

blank  5,161


Ward 6 precinct 1 had the most voters: 2,172.

Ward 2 precinct 2 had the second lowest: 1,956.

Ward 1 precinct 3 had the lowest: 1,081.

There are 49K registered voters in Somerville and there were 5K new registered voters this year.

 unofficial elections results from the City of Somerville click here




43 Responses to “Somerville’s Unofficial Results: 2012 Election”

  1. Harry says:

    Disgusting. Because of question #4 I have given all my tenants written notice that rent is going up by 10% effective Jan 1st. They’re all liberals – they voted for it and now they can pay for it. When handed lemons (and those votes tallies are some real lemons) make lemonade. CHA-CHING! Suckers. Keep voting (D) as we go right off the fiscal edge. Doesn’t bother me. crap rolls downhill.

  2. Loris Werter says:

    Hey Harry, I did the same. Actually, I increased the rent by 25%, since they all voted for Romney. Poor Harry, you’ll be rabid for the next 12 months for the Romney loss, and that is just awesome.

  3. Harry says:

    Sure you did, Loris. Sure you did. Next time I pass you at your “job” on the corner of rte 16 and Mass ave I’ll be sure to flip you a quarter (as I do 60 MPH).

    And – who said I liked Romney and am disappointed ZERO got another 4 years? I like it as we get to blame him now for everything. Everything. When we go over the fiscal cliff I am going to LMAO and kick back and say “I told you dummies he was a nitwi!”

  4. noabitya says:

    Well Harry and Loris, you really do not have much choice because of the likes of Somerville Community Corporation, a division of Curtatone’s Development Regime and the airheads who got “suckered again”. It is just another administrative gimick to rip off the taxpayers. The money will find other pet projects to disappear into.

    Now with “medical” (sure!) marijuana being passed. You can bet the mayor, who hinders business like Olive Garden, etc from coming into the city, will probably invite several marijauna selling facilities with opened arms into the city. There are over 150 “marijuana manufacturing” operations producing product in CO. They are even producing it in candy type items, nothing like getting the kids hooked while they are young. Just a “front” for the drug dealers…Why this may give Whitey renewed energy to escape so he can reap some of the profit from this
    new entrepeneurial business. Think of all the quarters that will be going into the parking meters.

  5. Ray Spitzer says:

    Somerville is doomed, people. Just sell your house and leave wihle you still can!

  6. hey harry move out says:

    your a big part of the problem harry…..i also own property in somerville. i dont know how many tenants you have but, supposedly the tax increase will be $35.00 per year per property. even if its triple that $105. you just raised your rents to cover this expense but to also increase your own income. if thats the case you should have voted for it so you would have an excuse to turn a profit from your tenants

  7. Harry says:

    If you fools believe that giving this mayor the go ahead to raise ANY taxes is only going to cost $35.00/year then you’re even dumber than I thought. That’s pretty sad as I already have you as dumb as a fence post.

    You get the government you deserve – and thanks to you nitwits this is going to be an even more out of control tax, spend and piss away group. I am hoping we go right over the fiscal cliff, so I can scoop more of your properties and blow my nose at you all when you’re begging for quarters.

  8. placido123 says:

    Soooo glad I left the ville and Massachusetts 3 years ago.. Man what has happened here! Not the ‘ville I grew up in…suckers I did as Ray said sold.made a hefty profit and screwed :)

  9. Loris Werter says:

    Hey Harry, how’s your ulcer going? Today was a wonderful day in Somerville for me. Fresh air, that feeling that precedes festivities, knowing that Obama and Warren won and that they will keep this country safe and prosperous. I’m bleeding my Republican tenants with a rent increase, which I will use to give donations to the Democrats on the next election…. Life could not be better, don’t you think, Harry?

  10. Loris Werter says:

    Hey Harry,
    Now we will still blame the Party of NO, since it’s still holding the House. Republicans are just finished. They let the zombies into the House, now they are toast.

  11. Harry says:

    Loris, who said I was a republican? Indepedent, baby, independent.

    placido123 , you got it right. Joey “tickets” Curtatone is only looking to grab Capuano’s seat once Capuano moves into Kerry’s seat (want a real good laugh? Kerry will Sec of State! LOLLOLOL!), so he is kissing @ss on the progressive nitwits, Both Capuano and Curtatone are as progressive as my left one. Such phoneys. The deomcrat machine is built the same way as the mafia nce was. The difference is the mafia folks all grew up and went legal – the democrats? Not so much.

  12. Bill says:

    Nice job, Somerville. I hope you, that state of Massachusetts and the country are proud. Liz Warren looked “great” in her first press conference today. Her buddy Deval did all the answering for her. She didn’t even realize a defense spending question was for her. Also, how disgraceful, that our President forgot to tell us about a Iranian attack on a drone in international waters until after the election. I am so proud of all of you. Now, please defend them. I know you won’t because liberals become uncharacteristically quiet when presented with truth and fact.

  13. noabitya says:

    Yes, I was disappointed. Big Bird & Cookie Monster should have won, they’d do a better job than either of the 2 that ran. Martha failed to give credit to her “indian heritage” only took credit for being the 1st woman Sen. from MA. Harvard should dock her pay for that. (375K for working 1hr/1day a week. A true example of fraud in the education system). They take care of the goof offs and screw the real dedicated teachers/professors. Thanks to crap like that and stunts pulled by some of the elected officials this country is about to burst as the citizens are truly getting fed up with it.

  14. Robert Walton says:

    Hey Barry,

    Increase your blood pressure meds, pal. It looks like you’ll need massive doses over the next twelve years! After Barak there will be Michelle, get used to it.

  15. Harry says:

    Ron Paul has it right.

    Keep electing these tax & spend criminals and see where we are in 10 years.

  16. Ray Spitzer says:

    Ron Paul’s career got ruined when he got caught on camera in that segment with Bruno in the hotel room! :)
    Seriously, the old fool won’t last much longer.

  17. Carol says:

    When it comes to Question 3. It will take a long time for this to take place. The reps and senators will be looking at trying to kill this bill which they can do. We in Somerville do not need a dispensary here and do not want pot shops anywhere close to here.

  18. Bill says:

    As usual… No response. Sad. I suppose you really believe that General Petraeus just happened to decide to resign less than a week before testifying. Wow, life really is full of coincidences. What I really find funny is that Benghazi happened weeks ago and nothing on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc after the initial report.. now? One of the lead stories on each site (not including the Petraeus story). Why the delay? Hmmm…

  19. Bill says:

    Oh, And there are still tens of thousands without power in New York and New Jersey. Where is that story? Oh yea, It’s Obama’s Katrina and we can’t talk about it

  20. Ron Newman says:

    Bill: this is the Somerville News. Why would you expect to read news about NY or NJ here?

  21. Jackie Velos says:

    Poor Bill… Still upset by the Obama landslide? Get used to 4 more years or reality checks.

  22. Harry says:

    Bill, why cannot you give some credit to Obama for once? He trashed the Phoney Romney Express, despite the hundred of millions the greasy billionaires spent to get an empty suit in the White House! He deserves some credit for that. Michelle/Elizabeth 2016!

  23. Bill says:

    Ron – Not here, sorry. I meant CNN,MSNBC, ABC, Etc… Jackie and Harry, I give Obama all the credit in the world for winning. His “machine” (lack of a better word) did a great job. However, He did not deserve a second term. He failed and for days after the election the evidence keeps mounting. But as usual, you do not want to address the issues I put forth. I’m sorry but you won’t be able to ignore them much longer. Really, Michelle/Elizabeth 2016 that proves you have no clue. I see Hillary/??? (Rising Dem star) and I also predict she wins.. and DESERVES it.

  24. Ray Spitzer says:

    Ron, because the empty suit illegally occupying the white house needs to be brought up on impeachment charges; Libya, Petreaus and voter fraud.

  25. The Wizard says:

    I don’t see how Loris can say that Obama and Liz Warren will keep us safe and prosperous. Under Obama’s first term the national debt has increased dramatically, the unemployment rate has not improved, and the worst is yet to come. Even if Romney had won, this country as we know it is going down the crapper. The USA we know is going away. Many people who have full time employment will see their jobs reduced to part time. It’s only a matter of time.

    Obama was elected in our great democracy-accept it. But remember the saying”be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”

    Politics in this state and country has become a bloodsport. I hope I am wrong and wish the President well, but he is not up to the job.

    God bless America. Taxpayers-HOLD ON TO YOUR WALLETS!! You ain’t seen nothing yet from this administration in DC. And Loris, what a great job Obama did protecting our ambassador in Libya. This issue is not going away. It is a scandal and cover up along the lines of Watergate.

  26. Harry says:

    I’m living Somerville, everybody!

  27. A Moore says:

    Obama has doen a wonderful job. Another article in the Somerville News about the group knittings things to sell due to the rise in homeless people here in Somerville, plus the rise in people at the poverty level shows he is doing a great job. And the debt clock is ticking at a pretty clip. Another 4 years of going downhill ahead of us. Not that I would have expected great things from Romney, whom I don’t care much for either.

  28. Ray Spitter says:

    This video spells out the moral bankruptcy with Obama and Liz Warren better than anything I can write.


    Remember… I warned you knuckleheads before the election.

  29. ElishaBender says:

    Hilarious vid, Ray. Really brings to light the heartlessness and greed of you nitwit Tea-bats.

    Chew on this: The U.S. of America is a nation that has social programs. Those programs are funded primarily through taxation. Don’t like it? I suppose there are still a few other nations remaining in this world where right-wing repression and selfishness thrive. Jump on the boat and go enjoy one another there. The majority of us here want a civilized, compassionate society. We proved it at the polls.

    That is all.

  30. Terrence Pawleski says:

    Well said Elisha! I’m sooo glad that losers such as Harry and his alter egos are so rabid about the Obama re-election. The country showed that, even with the hundreds of million $s spent by the super rich to prop up evil, Americans still believe in compassion, empathy, and sticking to the facts.

  31. Ray Spitter says:

    Elisha, it really isn’t that important to me. I have enough money. I’m all good.

    However, you seem to fall into the entitlement class, so me let ask — What happens when you all run out of other people’s money to spend? What do you do?

  32. Terrence Pawleski says:

    Spitter, you’re all good until you find out you have terminal cancer or a degenerative disease. You won’t have enough money then. I’m not mentioning psychiatric problems only because you obviously already have those!

  33. Bill says:

    So, 31 comments and zero defense of Obama. All I hear is how I need to get over it. Does anyone have the intestinal fortitude to defend Obama. Explain to me the actions of the President and especially his failure on the economy. Do not be so naive to still blame Bush 4 years later, please

  34. ElishaBender says:

    Oh brother. So what’s to defend? He’s successfully pulling us out of two ridiculously mis-adventurous military actions, helping to provide meaningful health care for millions and, yes, gradually repairing what your heroes so callously destroyed – the American economy.

    Oh, yes, we will lay blame where it belongs, while you and your pals constantly attempt to deflect it.

    Sorry. Better call up Rush with this crap. Somerville people are smarter than this.

    Nothing to defend. Good job, Mr. Prez.

  35. Bill says:

    Everyone knows that Obama was born in Kenya! Just for that reasson, Obama should of been impeached!

  36. noabitya says:

    Obama promised “transparency”, to this date has not delivered.
    Steve Grossman MA State Treasurer, promised “transparency” to this date has not done so. Most of the politicians are habitual liars.

    I do not agree with Congressman Capuano on everything but at least he is not afraid to tell it like it is…Like on the GLX, (the funding may never come through) and people better wake up. Courts can order anything but if the money is not there it is not going to happen.

    Unfortunately, SOME people in Politics, (Spend+Spend+Spend, Mayor Curtatone), Education, the Arts, Yuppies/Hippies [still trippin out] do not see the REAL world yet demand unaffordable things. They better get off of their butts and stop waiting for Federal Grants & taxes people cannot afford, that will never happen in this rough economy etc. Though the Mayor’s Plan appears to be to tax homeowners to death so he can sell off all the land to his supporters, the Developers.

  37. ElishaBender says:

    Bill, I get it now. Sorry for before, I thought you were serious. You’re obviously satirizing the right-wing meat heads.

    Good job, my friend. The nitwits do think and talk like that.

  38. Ray Spitzer says:

    Bill, get back on your meds before we call the cops! :)

  39. Boston Kate says:

    “Everyone knows that Obama was born in Kenya”

    Still singin’ the same old song?

  40. Ray Spitter says:

    Google Obama and Larry Sinclair and be prepared to be disgusted.

  41. IndependenceJay says:

    Spitter. Great name, though it should be “Spewer” — or maybe “Sewer Spewer.” I wish people could approach politics and government like they do their family: If you have smart, talented kids, you give them whatever you can to let them flourish. If you have challenged kids, you do whatever you can to help them flourish. Or does this go against your “grizzly” attitude, as Sarah Palin might say? Of course, grizzly males eat their young whenever possible, so it probably does. I thought Somerville was basically enlightened, but there are definite chinks in the armor.

  42. Bill says:

    First of all – The “Bill” that mentioned Kenya is not the original Bill poster. I believe that Obama was born in America. It’s not an issue to anyone but Trump. However, this Bill is still waiting for a response and a defense of Obama. Saying, “what’s to defend” is a cop-out. The bailout failed.. The only ones who benefited was the unions. The pensions were saved and built up for them and destroyed for non-union. The auto company doing the best is Ford – which never took the bailout. Do some research and see where that money actually went. It’s embarrassing and disgusting. That is just the first of many failures…but again no one will defend

  43. Bill says:

    Wait a minute! I’m the real Bill and I DO believe the traitor in chief was born in Kenya. The other Bill who is impersonating me is probably one of the liberal jerks around here. Romney lost because Obama was rude in the debates, end of story.

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