Road rage incident brings out handgun

On November 8, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to reports of a man making threats with a handgun on Washington St. last week.

Upon questioning, the alleged victims reportedly told officers that they had gotten into a road rage incident with a man, later identified as Taylor Grover, 37, of Wilmington, while driving along Washington St. Police were, at that time, called in to mediate the dispute and a report was taken. Grover reportedly claimed that he had been struck by one of the alleged victims. Police reportedly advised Grover to file a complaint for assault at Somerville District Court.

Shortly after the involved parties went their separate ways, the alleged victims said that Grover followed them in his vehicle as they proceed along Washington St. They told police that Grover pulled alongside their vehicle and brandished what appeared to be a handgun. They further claimed that Grover made a U-turn and pointed the gun at them as he drove past and left the scene.

Police located Grover at his place of employment and questioned him about the incident. He reportedly denied having a handgun and police failed to find one on Grover’s person or in his vehicle.

Based on testimony of the alleged victims Grover was placed under arrest and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.


5 Responses to “Road rage incident brings out handgun”

  1. Rich says:

    Title: Road rage incident brings out handgun

    But there was no gun according to the article.

  2. ReadTheWholeThing says:

    “Rich”…watcha been smokin buddy? The cops arrested the guy for assault with a dangerous weapon. They obviously beleived the victims. Guy musta ditched the gun.

  3. I know Grover personally and this is absolutely not something he would do. He is a business owner, husband and father who would not throw everything away just to intimidate someone-especially considering he has a business sticker on the back of his truck.

  4. Ron Newman says:

    I agree with Courtney. Also, if the police didn’t find a gun, how can they charge him with using one?

  5. noabitya says:

    They did not arrest him for the gun.
    He was arrested – “Based on testimony of the alleged victims Grover was placed under arrest and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.”
    Dangerous Weapon can be a number of things besides a gun.
    It can be a stick, a fist, a shod foot, there are a number of things considered under the law to be dangerous weapons…

    “This message was brought to you by a non law firm & I am not an attorney spokesperson” ….Yayibba…Yayibba…That’s All Folks!

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