Somerville Police looking for witnesses to pedestrian accident

On November 9, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Investigators from the Crash Reconstruction Unit are looking for witnesses to a pedestrian accident that occurred last night. Shortly before 8:20, a 21 year old Somerville resident, who is also a Tufts University student, was struck by a car as he crossed Powder House Blvd at Packard Avenue. The victim was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital where he is in critical condition. The operator of the striking vehicle, also a Somerville resident, has cooperated with investigators.

Police believe that there was at least one person who was standing at the intersection at the time of the accident. There was also another vehicle traveling behind the accident vehicle. Investigators would like to speak to them and any other person who has information about this tragic event.

Anyone with information should call 617 625-1212.


2 Responses to “Somerville Police looking for witnesses to pedestrian accident”

  1. noabitya says:

    This is a dangerous intersection. Both here and at the PedX’s near Leonard & Burnham Sts.

    1st] I have seen cars stop and then other vehicles try to pass the stopped car on either the left or right side almost hitting the pedestrians in the crosswalk.
    2nd] Some of the pedestrians, despite repeated warnings by the police department to pay attention, still walk along, crossing sts. too busy “texting” or “talking on their phones.
    3rd] Despite additional “No Trucks” signage placed on the Blvd at request by Alderman Trane, there is still an a good amount of trucks
    with no business on the Blvd using it as a shortcut from Winthrop St to Curtis to the Blvd. MBTA buses use Curtis St as an “Off Route” shortcut to Medford. I have watched tractor trailers; Car Carriers, Beer Trucks, Walgreens, Fuel/Gas, Large Dumpster Trucks, etc. All using the Blvd illegally as a shortcut. Fuel/Gas tractor trailers are especially hazardous, let us pray that one of them does not get in an accident at Curtis/Powderhouse Blvd thus endangering the children at the nearby West Somerville Community School.

  2. Ron Newman says:

    Right now, this has blinking yellow on Powder House Blvd. and blinking red on Packard. Perhaps it would be safer to have a four-way stop (blinking red all directions)? This would cost very little to change.

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