Somerville presence noticed at Patriots win

On November 21, 2012, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Mary Ellen Ford

Somerville Postal worker and longtime Somerville resident Mary Ellen Ford was spotted this past Sunday at halftime as the Patriots prevailed over the Indianapolis Colts, 59-24, at Gillette Stadium to win their fourth consecutive game in a row.

– William Tauro


11 Responses to “Somerville presence noticed at Patriots win”

  1. Doug Holder says:

    just spoke to her at the union sq. p.o.– she was quite pleased and dealing with her fame modestly ….:)

  2. Ray Spitzer says:

    Who’s Mary Ellen, and why is she “famous”?

  3. Bobby Kavanaugh says:

    She is “famous” because she is a long-time Somerville resident who is well known enough to be recognized at a Patriots game. Come back and ask the “famous” question when anybody knows you…

  4. michelle obama says:

    Of course mary ellen is famous. She was first in her class at st. joseph’s all girls high school, she has been working at the somerville union square post office since the building was built, she has traveled all over the globe, and known many people in her travels. Her vibrant personality and quick wit brings joy to many customers, friends and family.

  5. Brigitte Levine says:

    Interesting, I have done all the things Mary Ellen has done, plus I managed to raise 3 kids and get a PhD in mathematics. My decisions affect you in ways you cannot even imagine, since I set various insurance rates for the region based on various statistical models, among other things. Yet, I’m not famous! Oh well.

  6. A.N Mouse says:

    Wow Bigitte all those accomplishments and somehow you managed not to gain a sense of humor. But maybe you should submit your picture to Somerville News and you can be person of the decade or something.

  7. michelle obama says:

    After further reflection and additional INFORMATION from the CIA & FBI, The plethora of work she has performed mathematically to set various insurance rates, gives me a great honor to announce that Brigitte Levine is famous and any mere mortals should genuflect or curtsy when in her presence

  8. amen says:

    what’s the message here, Brigitte? Your PHD doesn’t grab me the way a neighborhood face manning the P.O. desk in a reliable, efficient, caring way. Thank you for your work in the background, keep it up and maybe someday you’ll be noticed.

  9. Barry the Pig says:

    Dr. Brigitte, are you envious of Mary Ellen, despite your PHD? She may not be a rocket scientist, but she beats you any time as a postal worker!

  10. H.P Humperdink says:

    I’ve met Mary at the Somerville P.O. She is as pleasant as a kick in the balls!

  11. Harry says:

    H.P, you are such a humperdink!
    Mary is a very kind and cheery person, as this picture clearly illustrates

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