The View From Prospect Hill – January 2

On January 2, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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Looking back to the year just passed is an interesting thing to do. Sometimes sobering, at other times amusing, yet always somewhat inspiring if one considers what has been accomplished and what else is left to be done.

A lot has been accomplished in the city. Many ongoing and new initiatives have been pushed forward and continue into the New Year. The advance of progress and renewal marches on as we in turn continue the pursuit of our individual hope and dreams.

Observing and participating in the machinations of municipal goings on, even at the lowest level, is something of a civic duty that we all should share a sense of responsibility for. It’s what makes democracy great, that every man and woman makes a difference in what transpires, mainly when they express their viewpoints at the polls.

Looking ahead to what may come in 2013, we can’t help but feel optimistic about the days ahead. It will take some hard work and serious planning, but an improving economy is within sight, as is better civic infrastructure, community resources, and a plethora of other important quality of life issues.

As always, it’s up to us to push things in the right direction. To send the proper signals to our city officials. To back them up when they get it right, and to call them on it when they go astray. They have their duties and we have ours. Let each one carry on in the best fashion possible.

It is the way of our community. We enjoy a uniquely favorable reputation as those who can.

We wish each and every one of our readers the best in the year to come. May peace, prosperity, and good health bless you and yours.


4 Responses to “The View From Prospect Hill – January 2”

  1. Trisha says:

    Does anyone in Somerville have old pictures of the old stores like
    Woolworths, the Baring Basement, Parke Snowes ect. Probably
    in the 1960’s? I would love to see what those old stores and bars
    and resturants looked like back in the day?
    Trisha Soboll

  2. j. connelly says:

    There used to be a photographer on Medford St., Maclone, who took pictures of everything in the city. If the city even got a new pickup for the DPW he would take a picture and put it in the newspapers.

    He took a picture of my brother and myself in our fire dept dress uniforms for our parents years ago. I went down and somebody else took over the business & when I inquired about getting a copy of the pic made from the original negative. The new guy informed me that he trashed all the old negatives.

    So I suggest that you would best check with the Somerville Historical Society or the Somerville News, or that other rag but since it got taken over by a big conglomerate I do not know if you will have any luck.

  3. Ron Newman says:

    The Facebook group “Views of Historic Somerville Massachusetts” at is a good place to look for these (or ask for them).

  4. A. Moore says:

    I was told that some books were donated to the Somerville library that have some photos of the city in them as I was looking for a particualr one myself and was asking around. I have yet to go and look so I don’t know what is actually in them or what to ask for when I get there.

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