– Photo by Wiliam Tauro

By William Tauro

Newly elected South Middlesex County Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone was officially sworn into office early Wednesday morning by former Registrar Gene Brune.

The ceremony took place in the main courtroom of the Somerville Courthouse, located on the Fellsway in Somerville.

photo(3)Later in the  day a couple hundred friends, relatives, supporters  and elected officials attended the ceremonial swearing-in at the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds that’s located on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge.


Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin swore Registrar Maria Curtatone into office as the first woman to ever hold that position.


4 Responses to “Maria Curtatone sworn in as the first female Registrar of Deeds for South Middlesex County”

  1. Ray Spitzer says:

    There is a certain family resemblance there!

  2. henry says:

    Enough is Enough, you’d swear she was being elected Governor, stop the Maria Curtatone media propaganda, we get it she’s elected and isn’t that wicked awesome! A job no one knows about, no one runs for unless its an open seat,has no power or authority and pays well over $100K in pay and benefits. In case no one knew this office has no power whatsoever, go to the Registry of Deeds web site, and you’ll find that all Registry’s are run by the Secretary of State, that’s why his picture and profile is on each Registry site so when cutting budget lets remember to cut this out, please.

  3. There is a direct connection between CPA funding and the Registry of Deeds Office. For that alone, I deem it important. Also, the position is determined by the voters and I, for one, don’t want to lose say in who holds this office.

  4. j. connelly says:

    Well I see both sides, “Henry’s & Courtney’s”. With Prop 2 & one-half and other budgetary cutbacks over the years the decision was made to eliminate things like county government, which duplicated a number of state & municipals functions. However the politicians never acted responsibly and used those saved $$$$ incorrrectly, instead creating more “hack” jobs and spending for their own wrongful pet peeves.

    The Counties Registry of Deeds came under the Secretary of State but still needed someone to oversee day to day operations. At least by having these positions come under the control of the voters if the person elected fails to do the job, the voters can eject them at the next election cycle. (Course this is MA and sometimes elected officials terms end sooner at the hands of a federal judge…lol… but aint it da truth!)

    So let us hope that the new Registar follows in the footsteps of Gene Brune and moves the S. Middlesex Registry of Deeds to even better heights for the citizens of the county. Meanwhile let’s hope in 2013 the economy improves and this country gets more people back to work.

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