Diva Indian Bistro in Somerville back in business

On January 29, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Earlier today the Massachusetts Department of Revenue seized the Diva Indian Bistro in Davis Square for non-payment of taxes. The issue has been resolved and the restaurant is open for business.



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  1. Susan McLucas says:

    Since I like the food at Diva’s, I’ve been disappointed to hear that they mistreat their employees by not paying them what they owe them. Now we find out that they don’t pay taxes either. I was hoping that the government was stepping in to make them pay the back wages, but, no, it’s just taxes. Hopefully public pressure will make them pay their employees.

  2. Jack Stevens says:

    I understand that these people finally got hit with a MAJOR lawsuit in Federal Court for non-payment.

  3. Lewis Johnson says:

    @JackStevens yes its true. they are being sued in Federal Court by a group of 7 former workers for non-payment of wages and minimum wage violations.

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