A new sign wanted in Magoun Square

On January 30, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

What’s missing from this scene? Many say that a new sign for Magoun Square is a “must have” item in the near future. ~Photo by Bobbie Toner

What’s missing from this scene? Many say that a new sign for Magoun Square is a “must have” item in the near future. – Photo by Bobbie Toner

By Harry Kane

During the last Alderman meeting on Jan. 23, Ward 5 Alderman Sean O’Donovan reported the need for a new sign in Magoun Square.

The location of the sign is a decision that has yet to be determined.

In the past, a wooden sign stood in a small plaza-area near the CVS.

“Magoun has had a few signs in the past,” O’Donovan said. “They’ve unfortunately been damaged or vandalized.”

It is possible that the sign was damaged during snowstorms, according to O’Donovan.

Part of the problem, explained O’Donovan, is the location to place the new sign.

The islands in Magoun Square are not appropriate for the new sign, said O’Donovan. One of the islands has been removed and the other one is too small.

Also under discussion, are the material components used to make the new Magoun Square sign.

“Apparently they might be able to do a wooden sign that will be composite,” he said.

Alderman O’Donovan has recently submitted a request to the Commissioner of Public Works for a sign in Magoun Square to showcase the area.

“A lot of people would like a square sign put back up,” O’Donovan said.

At this point, the location of the sign, and whether the sign is wooden, a composite or metallic, are decisions pending further discussion.

Alderman O’Donovan said his hope is to have the new sign installed by March 15.



5 Responses to “A new sign wanted in Magoun Square”

  1. Joe Lynch says:

    There was never a sign on the plaza outside the CVS. That statement is false. As for previous location signs in Magoun, I’ve asked many in the neighborhood if they remember any sign, no one does. Perhaps if the city has a picture of where that sign was in Magoun Square, it would jog our memories. But like many things said and not verified, I doubt a picture exists.

    Look, a few weeks ago, O’Donovan got an earfull from me about the sign. The neighborhood residents and Magoun Square merchants have been overly patient. The sign was supposed to be installed as part of the square re-do. Three years ago. Obviously, a sign for Magoun Square is on the bottom of everyone’s list. Except mine. And others who may have been forwarded my signage email to the good Alderman from Ward 5.

    I do have high hopes that a sign will get installed soon. After all it’s an election year and Alderman O’Donovan has an oppoent.

    Joe Lynch
    Magoun Square Neighborhood Association

  2. A. Moore says:

    I really don’t think we need the sign, I can find Magoun Square just fine.

  3. j connelly says:

    A. A sign with flowers surrounding it would be nice.
    B. It should have solar powered lights to illuminate it at night.
    C. The young artists at Somerville High School should be asked to participate in ideas on creation of an appropriate sign.
    D. A Somerville Company should be hired to make the sign.

  4. Adam says:

    Shut up, A. Moore

  5. j connelly-

    Excellent ideas!

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