Alleged robber couldn’t get away with it

On February 7, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers responded to a reported robbery at Alisson Market last week.

Upon arrival at Broadway and Lincoln, officers spotted a man waving them down the street. As police proceeded down Lincoln St. they soon found a group of individuals in the street arguing, stopping traffic.

As officers approached the group one man broke away and proceeded to the sidewalk. Others in the group reportedly told police that this was the man that had robbed the store.

The man, later identified as Jonathan Sanchez, 38, of East Boston, had one shoe missing, a rip in his sweater, and appeared to be breathing rapidly.

Police detained Sanchez as they set about investigating the incident.

One of the men involved in the fracas identified himself as the victim, and he led officers back to the store to explain what had happened.

The victim reportedly told police that Sanchez had stolen a pack of cigarettes from the store’s display, and then asked for change of a $20 bill. When the register was opened the victim said that Sanchez put his hand under his shirt and told him, “Give me the money. I have a gun.”

The victim told officers that he warned the robber that he would call the police, but then Sanchez snatched the phone from the victim and struck him in the head with it.

Sanchez then allegedly took several bills from the register drawer and began to flee. The victim said that he chased Sanchez and grabbed hold of him, shaking loose the stolen money, which then fell to the floor.

It was then, the victim said, that he chased the man down the street where he and other witnesses confronted Sanchez and held him until police arrived.

Officers took notice of approximately $500 in cash on the floor of the store, as well as Sanchez’s missing shoe just outside the store.

A witness to the incident reportedly positively identified Sanchez as the attempted robber.

Sanchez was placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery, and witness intimidation. Additionally, he was booked on multiple warrant charges of larceny over $250.


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