SHS student’s first novel published

On February 13, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times
Dea Dodi, Author and current Somerville High School Student, has written her first novel, which was published in Albania and is entitled “The Story of Her.”

Dea Dodi, Author and current Somerville High School Student, has written her first novel, which was published in Albania and is entitled “The Story of Her.”

By Cathleen Twardzik

Since the time that Dea Dodi, Author, was in third grade, she craved a chance to write poetry or prose.  At present, Dodi, who constantly writes various types of pieces, is a senior at Somerville High School.

Her first novel was published this summer in Albania, which is her native country. In that nation, Dodi was the first student to perform an internship in the prime ministry.

As a rising freshman, she planted the seeds of what would eventually become a book.    Each year the work expanded, and it acquired different “identities.”  Finally, after approximately 3 1/2 to four years, she produced a form that she considered to be finished.

Dodi’s inaugural novel proves intriguing.

“The Story of Her tells the tale of 15-year-old Amalda, a girl who feels a major discrepancy between her physical world and the way she thinks about and perceives life.  Her strong will and character are put to the test when Angelo, her three-year-old brother, falls desperately ill. She finds comfort and support by spending time with her father and her best friend, Lara,” said Dodi.

“Amalda’s reality is, again, turned upside-down when a dangerous gang abducts Lara.  Instead of allowing her experiences to close her off from the world, she learns to view every challenge as an opportunity to grow and have a positive influence on other people.”

Although, the accounts in the novel are fictional, “at times, they mirror my own various experiences,” said Dodi.

At the onset, the process of publishing a book was akin to “going on a scavenger hunt. In time, I got my thoughts together and looked into different publishing houses in Albania. Once I found a publishing house I felt comfortable with, the book took a physical life,” she said.

Another book is on the horizon for Dodi. At this time, ideas are circulating around in her head.

“I might start to work on an autobiography, although I think I’d like to experience several more years of life before I publish something like that, or write a novel that relates to human gender studies or about human rights abuses. Whatever I tackle, I like my writing to be emotionally and soulfully electrifying.”

Besides writing, Dodi enjoys “music-filled” evenings with her friends in the Boston area. “I heartily enjoy the presence of people and try to make people laugh whenever I can,” said Dodi.

In college, Dodi wishes to major in international relations/political science and minor in psychology. However, she is positive that she will pursue literature and writing courses.

After her scholastic experience has come to a close, she is interested in holding a career in a diplomatic field.

Dodi’s future goals, especially on a professional level, are imperative to our species. “In simple terms, I want to be a major driving force for good in the world. My life, your life, our lives are all built of human communication and interaction. We are all interconnected in this web of life. I want to focus on a career that is built on these beliefs, such as diplomacy. I want to make an impact in politics, human rights and focus on general social concerns, domestically and internationally,” she said.



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