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On February 13, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers out there in the Ville. We hope that everyone is both on the giving and receiving end of a Valentine’s Day gift.


Lots of snow fell this past weekend. The city did a great job considering how the other cities and towns look. Just take a ride through Medford, Cambridge, Arlington and you’ll see that our own Mayor Joe Curtatone, along with DPW Commissioner Stan Koty, did a great job as well as all the men and women of the DPW who spent long hours going up and down the many miles of streets and roads here in the Ville. Some challenges, for sure, but a good job well done by all. And you’ll be seeing more and more work still being done.


Happy Birthday this week to some of our fans: To Anelise Paduch Tubinis, who works here for the school department. Joe Hart is celebrating this week. He lives on the west coast but was raised in Winter Hill. To a good friend of us here at The News, we salute Boston Police officer Tommy Yung. Happy Birthday to our good friend Krissi Dunne Ali. Also, Happy Birthday to Brooke Metivier who is celebrating her fifteenth birthday in the Ville this week. Joan Rajchel is also celebrating this week.


Be sure not to miss out on the Somerville Council on Aging’s (COA) Annual Senior’s Valentine Party taking place on Valentine’s Day this coming Thursday. This years’ party promises to be another good event for our seniors and its taking place again at the Winter Hill Yacht Club located on Foley Street in Somerville. The good people of the WHYC have been sponsoring many COA events for our seniors throughout the years and we thank them for being such great hosts and friends to our seniors.


The Un-Valentine’s Day Karaoke & Dance Singles Mixer at the Rosebud Bar and Grill in Somerville takes place this Friday night. It sounds like a great time for all those who have special valentines or are looking. It starts at 9 p.m. No cover and lots of karaoke for that person out there who thinks they are the next Elvis or Adele.


We would like to recognize and thank John Baldasaro and our many good friends at Asphalt Services Inc. (ASI) who stepped up to the plate and volunteered to plow out the tons of snow that buried the entrance as well as the parking area to the King Solomon’s Masonic Lodge on Highland Avenue after the lodge’s snow removal efforts so were overwhelmed by Nemo. When asked, they came, they dug them out, and all with a smile. Good deeds in these times are always well appreciated.


Alderman Bastardi from Ward 1 was seen riding around in a snow plow during the height of the storm making sure the streets in her ward were plowed properly and later was seen in the neighborhoods helping clear fire hydrants to make them accessible.


Amore at the Armory! A community fundraiser for the arts, this Saturday, February 16, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Join local artists, performers, foodies and lovers of the arts for a very special fundraiser for Arts at the Armory. Jimmy Tingle serves as emcee for a night of performances, tastings and celebration. Whole Foods and Olde Magoun’s Saloon will provide both sweet and savory noshes for your enjoyment. Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, Spindler Confections and City Chicks will be on hand providing tastings to all you Very Important People ($40 VIP tastings).


So far this year, for the city elections we have the following races that will happen: In Ward 1 Alderman seat, Ward 5 Alderman seat, and Ward 7 Alderman seat all three incumbents are being challenged. As for the Ward 1 School Committee member, nothing official, but we hear there is going to be a race. Ward 5 School Committee member is a race, but one possible challenger, we hear, might run for At large. For the At Large, we hear, the four incumbents (maybe one will be leaving because he might be getting a job), but there are two challengers so far. The one we hear that’s not official is for Ward 3 Alderman. We hear that maybe, just maybe, there might be a new candidate. Now, we also hear that should Congressman Markey get elected as Senator our own Rep. Carl Sciortino might be running for the seat.


Our condolences to the family and friends of long time resident here in the Ville Timothy L. Moore who recently passed away. He was a quiet man and a nice man who will be missed.


Another lifelong resident passed away recently and we give our condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Diane Marie (McIntyre) Trant, who passed away recently from cancer. She was a nice lady who will be missed by a lot of people here. Mrs. Trant was also an employee of the city and shop steward for AFSCME union.


Now, a personal note. A very special Valentine’s Day greeting to Patti Norton, the wife of Donald Norton, 45 years and counting being married, through sickness and health. Both loving and supporting each other since that memorable day, September 1, 1967, in sunny Columbia, South Carolina. In the early years, Donald was sick with a bone disease and was taken care of by Pat. Now Pat going through some heavy stuff and Donald is making sure she’s being taken care of. Pat, I love you always no matter what!


Happy Valentine’s Day to wonderful lady, Cam Toner who runs Ms. Cam’s Olio and the legals here at The News. She’s a wonderful lady and a young 80’s. God Bless and thank you from The News. To Bobbie Toner, the one that keeps it together and knows all that’s going on. She’s one hard worker and we are again blessed here at The News. And finally, to Jim Clark and his lovely wife Chrissie. We wish them many more years of happiness and health and thank them for an awesome job that Jim always does.


The Somerville Rotary is also excited to participate in an annual Polio Plunge, which was scheduled for February 9 at Long Beach in Gloucester has been postponed until Saturday February 23. So there is still time to donate and support Kara Dardeno Mathieu and Frank Scarpa who will plunge to help Rotary International to eradicate polio in the world.  This has been a major goal of Rotary’s international work for years and, while there are only three countries left that still have a few cases, Rotary seeks everyone’s help to finish the job. To support the plunge please go to the Somerville Club’s plunge page: For any questions please call Mark Alston-Follansbee, Club President, at 617-623-6111.


Call for short films and videos for screening during Somerville Open Studios on Thursday, May 2. Somerville Open Cinema is a mini film and video festival that is held during Somerville Open Studios. Submissions are now being accepted for the 2013 festival taking place on Thursday, May 2 at Somerville Community Access TV in Somerville, MA. They seek any moving image works under 10 minutes. It’s free to enter. Email for questions. Mailing address for submissions: SOC Festival c/o SCATV, 90 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02130.


19 Responses to “Newstalk – February 13”

  1. Elio LoRusso says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Curtatone, Stan Koty and the rest of the men and women of the Somerville Department of Public Works, who spent long hours cleaning the streets of Somerville. Their work will not be forgotten.

  2. A. Moore says:

    Funny, I didn’t see either Curtatone or Koty out there clearing the streets.

  3. sharon says:

    Did individual DPW workers do a good job and work hard? Absolutely. But who is in charge when some streets began getting plowed early Friday evening, and were plowed numerous times through Saturday afternoon, and other streets never saw a plow until late Saturday night. Public safety alone would seem to dictate that every street had to be at least barely passable as soon as possible, not buried in 2 feet of snow. It stopped snowing early Saturday morning, and there is no excuse for some streets (side streets) to be plowed down to the pavement by early afternoon, while others were completely untouched.

  4. A. Moore says:

    Having been here in Somerville for over 60 years it was more organized back then. Certain drivers had their routes and it went pretty decent even in the worst of storms. But then we had the trucks and workers. We now sub everything out so we no longer have the workers and equipment we once had. My guess it is now harder to organize all these subs. Plows used to come down my street, now we get a pickup with a plow on it. I had to go out myself and widen the street another 3 feet as far as I am able with a wheelbarrow and shovel to make it safer. I don’t see the workers as a problem but the chiefs.

  5. Ward-1 Resident says:

    I agree A.Moore – at a minimum Elio LoRusso should have thanked Alderman Bastardi for riding the plows on behalf of her constituests and the DPW workers for a geat job. Elio do you live in Somerville?

  6. j connelly says:

    The employees are great, its the higher ups that screw everything up.
    All the city departments employees DPW, Police, Fire, had their act together and made everyrthing work. If there were problems you can bet one of the higher ups were the ones who messed it up.

    Arlington has signage posted along their main roads that there is no overnight parking allowed. Thus those streets should be plowed right to the curb. I went up there today and the snow was 3 ft out from the curb on the main streets, horrible. Somerville does a better job.

  7. kevin crowley says:

    i think the city did a superb job pre-storm, during the storm and post-storm.

  8. Blood Hound says:

    Oh my God you would think they were all running for the Pope’s job, get the brown off fellas will you.

  9. John Norris says:

    Ward 1 Resident-How long have you lived in Somerville or Ward 1? I have known Elio LoRusso for 37 years and he has lived in the same house on the same street, where his business and before that his father’s business is since I have known him.

    A Moore you were on every street of the entire city 24 hrs. to know that the Mayor and Stan Koty were not out there because I did personally see the mayor out cleaning and shoveling. I am sure Elio LoRusso was commending them on the organization of the great workers that cleaned up the city.

    You should also have the guts to put your name.

  10. Elio LoRusso says:

    Ward 1 Resident: I want to just clarify for the record that for the past 41 years I have been a resident of 11 George Street. If you have any doubts of me living at 11 George Street you can call me at 617-776-2739 and we can furthermore discuss this. I operate my family run business at 11 R George Street, an ornamental iron shop which my dad started in 1969 and presently I am the one who operates the day to day operation of the business. Therefore, I have nothing to hide. I am willing to talk to you further on this subject.

  11. JMB says:

    I cannot believe that after the biggest storm in two years (and one of the top 5 biggest single storms on record), people are criticizing the administration for the DPW commissioner to not actually be driving the plow himself. Come off it.

    My one way side street wasn’t plowed great the first time, or the second time, but when we have two hundred streets, maybe a couple dozen plows, and snowfall accumulating for a day and a half, as long as the major arteries and hospital access roads (e.g., Porter St and Central St) are clear for the storm duration, I’m pretty satisfied.

    As someone who’s lived here my whole life, I can say with absolute certainty that Somerville’s road clearance/snow removal is heads and shoulders above neighboring communities.

    So I want to share Elio’s sentiments. Yes, Elio who has lived here for much longer than I have, and who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The DPW and subcontractors who were tasked with plowing did a very good job considering the circumstances. The Mayor (who actually DID shovel some people out) handled the storm well, as did Stan Koty.

  12. j connelly says:

    Now maybe joe & stan can come to my neighborhood and cut down the 2 trees I have previously mentioned.

    The ones that keep on dropping limbs on to the sidewalk before one of the many school or day care kids walking by daily end up getting injured. If ignored and someone does gets injured joe & stan can both kiss their political futures permantly goodbye.

  13. Highway says:

    Where are the tree’s located?

  14. j connelly says:

    Trees…Alderman Trane has been contacting DPW but we still wait. On the Blvd where the kids walk daily to school.

  15. j connelly says:

    I noticed that when the DPW did the followup clearing the streets and were pushing it up to pile it b4 loading the dump trucks. The front end loaders came back down & pulled any snow away that blocked driveways in the process.

    Having the Police block off those areas during the process speeded things up.

    Now for those stupid people who place everyone in harms way by parking illegally on snow banked streets, thus blocking passage of fire apparatus & ambulances. (Like side streets down by Davis Sq). The ticket/towing you received, you got what you deserved. Kudos to Police & Fire who resolved it by taking immediate care of the situation & took pictures as evidence.

  16. John Norris (aka Elio’s campaign manager) and Elio whay are you so defensive?! I simply asked about Elio’s residency because as a life long Somerville and 10 year ward-1 resident and a member of ESMS, ESNA, ESNC, and a volunteer at the ward-1 annual clean-up and east Somerville somerstreets event I have yet to meet Elio. I do know about his family business as I have seen his truck on a daily basis. And I still do not understand the snub by Elio to Alderman Bastardi who was the only Alderman to ride in the plows during the snow storm for the benefit of people like Elio to get his business truck off his street.

  17. A. Moore says:

    Sometimes not plowing the street was a good thing. Back in 50, 51, 51 they didn’t plow Hinckley Street, we had the greatest time going out the front door and sledding down the the fence at the bottom of the street. Then they would plow only part of the street after that but leave the bottom part so we could still go out and sled. Even back then before they built the DPW building they had a big lot there where they stored the plow blades.

  18. NeverEnough says:

    It just never seems to be enough for the residents of Somerville, we get 3 feet of snow and people are complaining about the job the DPW plow drivers did, thats a disgrace. The guys/gals of the DPW have worked about 120 hrs each since last Friday plowing and clearing the roads in Somerville but nobody wants to talk about that, its only the driveway here or the street corner there or my house this and my street that may have been done but not to your standards. Give it a break and be grateful, some cities didnt plow at all and if they did it wasnt as good as Somerville did!

  19. John Norris says:

    Ward 1 Resident who still hides thier name I guess so thay can not be challenged. I am not Elio LoRusso’s campaign manager so do not call me something I am not. Did you call Elio to discuss your issues probably not because it is hard to lie to someone’s face?

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