Celebrate Arts at the Armory on Saturday

On February 13, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times
persuaded the Zoning Board of Appeals to ease restrictions on a number of important issues.

Jimmy Tingle presides over the festivities at “Amore at the Armory! A celebration of Arts at the Armory” this weekend.

By Sanjeev Selvarajah

Somerville comedian extraordinaire Jimmy Tingle will be the emcee at Amore at the Armory! A celebration of Arts at the Armory, this Saturday, Feb. 16. There will be music, food and classes including art lessons.

For a donation of $25, you can be a part of the celebration of 2012 events at the Armory, now well into 2013, a date that defied doomsday predictions, and with the Armory’s contribution, plainly showed that that new kick in your step was just you being yourself, adding a little style and whimsy into your life.

“My material will be quick hits of topical comedy bits and news and information about the venue, the cause and the bands who are performing. My job as emcee is to keep the evening moving forward in an upbeat and funny way,” says Jimmy Tingle.

Patrick Coman knows a little bit about art’s devotion to just about anything uplifting. “They’ve provided a great space for the community to present an excellent and very unique range of arts programming, he says,” recognizing the Armory’s contribution to the community.

“In addition to providing an excellent performance space, it also offers classes in dance for children and young people, a lovely cafe with a small stage, and it houses one of the most loved studios in the area, Hi & Dry. It is a multi-faceted facility that is much needed in Somerville,” says jazz musician Gabrielle Agachiko, who, along with Coman’s self-styled Americana rock band and the a cappella group Hornography, is among the musicians that will be playing at the event.

“Arts at the Armory offers space for community events and community-oriented non-profits. We’re particularly grateful for the winter farmer’s market and for all the music they host,” says Louis Epstein of Hornography.

Speaking of food, the Armory has opened their doors for participants to enjoy food tasting with a $40 VIP pass.

Jimmy Tingle, always the activist, puts the event into perspective as being a fundraiser and a celebration of arts in Somerville: Tingle says that he has to inform about “the challenges the venue faces and remind the audience of why we are here and how grateful we are for their attendance and participation. Finally, to introduce the bands and educate the audience about them and their merchandise and email lists and ways the audience can support the bands and the venue moving forward.”

Whole Foods, Spindler’s Confections, Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, and City Chicks are among the VIP sponsors. Conversing with each about their favorite dishes revealed their enthusiasm to be a part of this event and showed that with a little bit of sugar, beer, and meat the world’s problems could be solved.

The musical performers are just as intrigued with the upcoming event. “We’re a big group, so rehearsals tend to be a little rowdy and a lot of fun. Since we read off parts, we spend time fixing the arrangements and playing through things in preparation for upcoming gigs,” says Hornography.

Similarly, Agachiko sports a plethora of jazz and classical performers and talks about their rehearsals fondly. “Usually lots of fun, though with six guys, all with outrageous personalities and senses of humor. Sometimes I must approach rehearsals with a whip and a chair,” joked Gabrielle. All three, including Coman, have new music coming out this year.

“Really looking forward to a great night for a great cause,” says Jimmy Tingle.

Amore at the Armory! A celebration of Arts at the Armory, Saturday, Feb. 16, 6-11 p.m. The Center for Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Suite 1-A, Somerville, MA 02143. $25 general admission, $40 VIP. Phone: 617.718.2191; web: http://www.artsatthearmory.org; email: info@ArtsattheArmory.org.



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