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Well, one of my colleagues at Endicott College, Linda Emma has contributed a poem to this issue of the LYRICAL. Linda is an author, educator and freelance writer for newspapers, magazines, online sites and private clients. Her first novel, Prime Meridian, was published in 2009 and she recently published an EBook version of her noted blog – “Sailor’s Flight” is the story of addiction as seen through the eyes of a little sister watching as her brother succumbs to its peril.


Linda Emma

Linda Emma

Sailor’s Flight
by Linda Emma

I watched as a bottle pulled you away
From the man you were intended to be
Hid from you like you were a dragon
And I the princess with an only key

I propped you on top of a sunshine throne
Followed full throttle the pull of your light
Drawn to the warmth; no fear of the burn
You were my hero and fairy tale knight

But then the surf crashed and washed you away
Swallowed your vessel and threatened your soul
Harsh rolling storms you weathered so well
A brave sailor’s fight ‘gainst wind, wave and cold
I watched the sun dip his toes in the sea
And felt the warm blush of soft summer kiss
Knew it was you a watch over me
Your whisper in dreams, a sweet reminisce



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