Suspected bike thief lets his hair down

On February 27, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were called to Wally’s Barber Shop on Broadway last Thursday on reports of a man behaving violently and threatening customers.

Upon arrival, officers were waved into the shop by the owner of the business, who then led them to the man who was reportedly causing a disturbance.

The officers immediately took notice of two men who were arguing, while one in particular appeared to be highly intoxicated and was extremely aggressive and insulting to people in the barber shop.

Police asked the man, Edwin Vazquez, 49, to step outside, but he reportedly continued his tirade as they left the building. Officers reportedly noted that passers-by on the sidewalk were frightened by Vazquez’s behavior.

After being asked several times to calm down, Vazquez still continued to vent his anger, even threatening the officers themselves. Police decided to handcuff Vazquez for the sake of everyone’s safety while witnesses to the disturbance were questioned.

The owner of the shop reportedly told police that Vazquez had entered the establishment and asked if anyone wanted to buy a bicycle. When no one took him up on the offer Vazquez reportedly began insulting everyone in the shop and threatened physical violence. It was then that the shop owner called the police.

Upon examination of the bicycle, officers contacted the victim of a recent bicycle theft, based on the fact that the bicycle in Vazquez’s possession matched the description of the missing bike.

The bicycle theft victim came to the barber shop and reportedly positively identified the bicycle as his, offering police unmistakable information about certain markings and equipment on the bike.

After Vazquez witnessed the victim’s identification of the bike, he reportedly threatened to kill him.

Vazquez was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct, threat to commit a crime, and receiving stolen property over $250.


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