Missing person found

On March 3, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Joao Correia, an 84 year old Somerville resident missing from the Magoun Square area since 10 a.m. Sunday has been found.  Mr. Correia suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Mr. Correia, reported missing earlier today, has been found in Charlestown. He was unharmed and in good condition. No other details are available at this time.


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  1. I commend everyone who passed the word about this gentleman along via email, Twitter and Facebook. Thankfully, he was found, but the quick response from so many to help notify people was phenomenal.

  2. Boston kate says:

    I’m so happy to hear that he was found. After I got the call, I went out driving, just hoping that I might spot Mr. Correia. I speak enough Portuguese to have been able to communicate with him. After about 45 minutes, I realized how futile this attempt was. I’m wondering if restaurants and stores are on the ‘call’ list. I hope so; I was thinking that he might have sought some rest, food and shelter in one of these places. I so glad that this story had a good ending!

  3. david moro says:

    One flew over the cou cous nest lol but seriously its good hes ok

  4. j connelly says:

    Alzheimer’s Disease is not only tragic for those affected but also for their families. There are “Tracking Bracelets” These should be supplied to the families automatically by law so that their loved ones can be protected and found.

    “Bacon Hill”/”Capitol Hill”, seriously need to address the real issues. It is not what ‘they’ want, it is what ‘we’ the citizens want in these serious times.
    Meanwhile they are looking for new “cover up” words like sequester instead of addressing the real issues.

  5. Boston Kate,

    My Magoun Square listserv features business owners, however, I wonder if the Chamber of Commerce or Somerville Local First could assist with something like this?

  6. A. Moore says:

    j connelly in the cases we are aware of they are not watched 24 hours a day. They have come in and make sure they are cleaned and fed and take medications and possibly some house cleaning and then are left alone until another person may come in or a relative. This is a low paying job and some do not do any more than they have to or less. Their is no real training for this either. You get about 15 minutes with a nurse and you are now an expert. Very fustrating for those who want to do their job.

  7. Boston Kate says:

    Thanks, Courtney.

  8. j connelly says:

    ‘A. Moore’…. very good info. The needs of the patient are not always addressed and those who strive to give good quality care are hindered by the process. A few years back, I needed care in the home and the Nurses, Home Care Assistants, gave excellent care but were slowed by
    process in place, which they had no control over.

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