Round One: A Stronger You!

On March 15, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

What Does Healthy Look Like?

Parents & Students are Invited! Saturday, March 16, 11:15 a.m. to 1:00p.m., Somerville Boxing Club at the Edgerly School, 8 Bonair Street.

Jillian Coen, nutrition and children’s health advocate will speak about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.  Jillian, a resident of Somerville, understands issues with weight and not exercising.  She has lost over 60lbs by changing her diet and getting active.

Jillian works full-time at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and understands the severity of the childhood obesity epidemic.  She will discuss:

• The link between eating breakfast and losing weight

• The importance of portion control

• Visualizing exercise as a change jar – “it all adds up”

• When you eat vs. what you eat

• Fast food makes you feel slow

• Three types of foods:  go, slow, and whoa foods

• Eating healthy is a “family job”

• Calorie Gallery:  What 200 calories looks like

• A personal triumph…my “aha” moment…

Jillian Coen is licensed to teach children, having trained as a Zumbatomic© Instructor.  A four-season member of OnStage Dance Company, which was featured on So You Think You Can Dance for National Dance Day 2012 and can be seen as a feature dancer on this season of HGTV’s Spontaneous Construction.  Come and meet her. Healthy snacks will be served.

Somerville Boxing Club
11 Otis Street
Somerville, MA 02145
Phone: 617.764.3326


5 Responses to “Round One: A Stronger You!”

  1. Loris Vessel says:

    What looks healthy is staying away from the Somerville Boxing Club!

  2. Susan Leyva says:

    The Somerville Boxing Club has been working closely with kids of all ages. Our kids are learning to take direction, listen, be respectful, but most importantly they are working on body coordination and understanding the importance of exercise and good health. At the same time they are working on their self-esteem in an environment that fosters good health, exercise, and building friendships.

    The Instructors are volunteers and dedicate their time, energy and expertise to motivate kids and young adults. I would invite everyone to come down and see what the Boxing Club is all about instead of making assumptions that are incorrect.

  3. Susan says:

    While I have no problem with boxing as a sport, I am curious to know why the city is subsidizing it. We have so many different youth sports organizations, why has the boxing club been given permanent space in a city building while the others have to vie for space and pay high rents to use it?

  4. Ron Newman says:

    I’d be concerned about whether boxing is a ‘healthy lifestyle choice’. Isn’t it likely to lead to concussions, even moreso than football does?

  5. suzie says:

    It must now be promoted as a healthy choice, since your tax dollars (the same dollars telling us what to eat and drink) are paying for it.

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