somervillelogoOffers Healthy Start to the Day for Somerville’s Youth

The City of Somerville Recreation Department, Somerville Public Schools, and Shape Up Somerville announced today the addition of a “Get Up and Go” Breakfast Program which will be offered before school for grades K-8 at the Edgerly, Winter Hill and Healey Schools.  Conducted by Program Developer, George Scarpelli, and Director of Physical Education for the Somerville Public Schools, Tim O’Keefe, the program combines physical activity and nutrition to give students a healthy start to the school day.

While the program will differ at each school, the morning begins with a 30 minute structured physical activity period, with activities including a circuit program with an agility ladder, hurdles, jump roping and basketball, followed by healthy breakfasts offered to all students in the Somerville Public Schools. Get Up and Go averages 20 to 50 students per session.

“Shape Up Somerville began in the Somerville Public Schools, and though our focus on health and wellness has been expanded to policies and programs for residents of all ages, healthy lifestyles start with education at a young age, and we continue to stress the importance of programs like these within our schools,” said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone.  “Though our school food services follow federal regulations, we are proud that here in Somerville, our policies around serving fresh, wholesome foods and eliminating trans fats and a la carte items were ahead of the curve.  We offer universal, free breakfast to any child who requests one in any of our schools, but by adding physical activity programming before school, we are increasing healthy choices and energy to help students succeed every day.”

“This began as an idea to help these kids structure their morning, but we’ve grown into something that really puts these young people on the right path every morning,” said Scarpelli. “I think that one thing you can take from this is that it’s important to provide these programs to help students reach their full potential.


6 Responses to “Somerville Recreation announces ‘Get Up and Go’ Breakfast Fitness Program”

  1. Awesome last name, Tim 😉

  2. elishab says:

    I always check out this website before starting a new fitness program – – My personal favourite is p90x because it’s hard enough that you know your getting results but not so hard that you give up after a few days

  3. Mary says:

    Why is the city paying for this program? The kids already get enough exercise in gym class. If they need more, extend the gym class. And breakfast is already offerred free to all students. Another waste of our tax dollars to justify salaries.

  4. K says:

    Mary, the article clearly explains why the city is supporting this program.

  5. James says:

    Oh come on Mary. Kids absolutely do not get enough exercise is gym class, certainly not enough to build healthy exercise habits. And it is preposterous to just say “extend gym class.” Do you really think an extra ten minutes once a week in gym (of what is already not particularly strenous activity) will help? Especially given shrinking budgets and the need for more time devoted to other subjects, too? And as far as we know, the breakfasts will be better than what’s presently offered for free (which isn’t particularly healthy). And it’s hasty to presume they’ll cost anything more, as it isn’t stated in the article.

    “Another waste of our tax dollars to justify salaries.” Jesus, lady! Kids are fat and the school is trying something! Parents certainly aren’t. Get a grip and lose the paranoid libertarianism.

  6. A. Moore says:

    It is a difficult one looking back from years ago to today. We got up, had what was supposed to be a healthy breakfast and then take a long walk to school and then play for an hour before we had to go in. I see kids in the stores before school buying candy and soda and then consuming them. I work in homes and see it here also. The kids need a decent meal even if they don’t know it. And if the family can’t afford it I am for more then for us paying for it. It’s the least we can do. I think we need a little more of the old put back into use. Hopefully we can get help at home to help them a healthy lifestyle otherwise this effort won’t do much. I wanted the best for my kid and healthy eating was one of them. Although mine forgot that when he left home. I see my grandchildren eating pop tarts and soda for breakfast. Won’t repeat what I said to my son here, I am sure it’s not allowed.

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