Race Includes Children’s “Fun Run,” Adult Race & Walk; Refreshments, Music, Activities Follow Race on City Hall Concourse

road race

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced that the City’s annual Shape Up Somerville / Somerville Recreation Road Race will be held on Sunday, April 7, starting and ending at the Somerville High School concourse, 93 Highland Avenue.  The day will begin with a 1-mile children’s “Fun Run” at 10:30 a.m., followed by a 2.7-mile walk at 10:30 a.m. and a 2.7-mile adult race at 11:00 a.m.  Registration is open to all community members at a price of $5 for youth under age 10, and $20 for adults.  Price includes a commemorative t-shirt, refreshments and activities and light refreshments immediately following the adult race. Adult runners are also invited to a post-race celebration at Casey’s, located at 173 Broadway.


To register, please visit www.somervilleyouthrecf.org, or visit City Hall or the Recreation Department (19 Walnut Street) for printed applications.  Checks should be made payable to Somerville Youth and Recreation Foundation, and can be mailed or delivered to Somerville Recreation, 19 Walnut Street, Somerville, MA 02143.


Top male and female finishers in each category will receive awards.  For additional information, please call the Somerville Recreation Department at 617-625-6600 ext. 2980.




5 Responses to “4th Annual Shape Up Somerville/Recreation Road Race to be held April 7”

  1. Bostom says:

    1: What’s the route(s)? Better to know now than the afternoon before. Street closures, detours, one-way streets ? Parking bans? Any issues regarding access to the busiest supermarket in town on Somerville Ave? MBTA route changes? – none that I’ve seen announced yet. I guess it’s more sporting to let the handicapped find out for themselves how many more blocks they’ll have to wheel themselves out of their way to get the bus, assuming they’re not told, as was reportedly the case last time, ‘cuz no one from the city bothered to tell the “T”, at least according to the “T”.

    2: For those of you who are going to be inconvenienced, because you will be inconvenienced – another Sunday morning lost for anyone with plans to leave their home or driveway or have anyone come to yours along the route for one to three hours or more – never mind access for the handicapped, home-health-care workers, EMT’s, The Ride, etc, etc. (all of this was documented after the “Sláinte Somerville!” traffic and access fiasco for the benefit of local bars earlier this month) better make alternative plans now because the city you pay taxes to didn’t consider your needs the last time – and you don’t expect them to learn from their past mistakes, now do you?

    3: Who’s paying for the police OT this time and when are we going to see any evidence that the organizers paid for it last month? And what about those contributions to local youth groups – you’d think under the circumstances that they’d be crowing about how much they’ve donated.
    Speaking of money $20 a head for adults times, say, 1000 runners (who register and pay – forget the freeloaders) is $20,000. If it attracts the 5000 estimated last time, and even half of ’em pay, that’s $50 grand. How’s that accounted for? Anyone ever seen published figures on whether or not the city makes or loses money and if so, who picks up the tab or pockets the excess? Or does it go into the pockets of something called the “Somerville Youth and Recreation Foundation”? Which has a “dot.org” address, not “dot.gov,” presumably meaning it’s not affiliated with the city. Or is it? It’d be interesting to know, give you something to think about, especially if they’re blocking your street or driveway for a coupla’ hours next Sunday. And come to think of it, has anyone seen a copy of this foundation’s books lately?

    4: Does anything happen in this city that the mayor doesn’t slap his name on? Stupid me – why give him ideas – we could have him announcing the weather. One guess, though: you won’t hear any “Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announces it’s going to rain tomorrow” robo-calls. Here in Somerville only the good news, carefully massaged, has his name on it. Like this lolapalooza, and I can hear it now: “We’re doing it for the children.” Sure. “Oh, and that’ll be five bucks, kid. You’re older than 10? Then it’s a twenny, please.”

    5: Speaking of rain – pray for it – it’ll hold down the turnout.

  2. j. connelly says:

    Yeh and they gave the guy whose “Enterprise” make$ $$$$ from these events a placque honoring him for creating this mess. Our Attorney General “Mawtha” should be looking into this and other stuff going on in this city before the Feds do or it will be another great embarassment for her. Money missing from evidence room, traffic/parking and all whitewashed by mayor’s personal investigation & then the outside agencies just rubber stamping what the city did. If it was missing from their paychecks you can bet the issues would be investigated properly.

  3. marian says:

    First race starts at 10:30, second race starts at 11. Past experience tells me to expect road closures from AT LEAST 9-1. And, as you say, what is the route? What streets will be closed and for how long? Better just write off Sunday mornings all together. Rearrange your church services, shopping plans, home health care visit, etc.

  4. A.Moore says:

    I wish they would put the routes in when they report these inconviences to the public. Would be a big help to those of us who have to deal with this. Worst for us is if they block Cedar or Broadway.. Can’t get to senior clients who need in home care. But it is getting to be too often here. Has to be a better way or place to do this than public streets.

  5. Mary says:

    Ah, but the challenge is in the surprise! Wouldn’t be any fun if we knew ahead of time and could plan.

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