Heated words result in street melee

On March 28, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were called to 74 Walnut St. late Sunday night on a reported street fight in progress.

Upon arrival, officers noted that a group of men were fighting in the middle of the street and that traffic was gradually backing up.

Officers grabbed two of the brawlers, Kirby Calixte, 20, and Sean Manuel, 18, and handcuffed them for safety. Two other men, Jonathan Tracy, 48, and David Hatch-Bernier, 44, were taken aside to cool off as well.

Tracy, who had sustained a cut to his hand in the fight, reportedly told officers that while he and Hatch-Bernier were driving along Walnut St. both Calixte and Manuel, who were crossing the street at the time, had said something to them as they drove by.

Tracy further alleged that when they were stopped at a nearby traffic signal, Calixte came up and reached in through the window and removed the vehicle’s keys, thus instigating the fight that ensued.

Officers questioned Calixte, who offered a differing version of the events that took place.

Calixte reportedly told police that as he and Manuel were crossing Walnut St., the other men’s car nearly sideswiped them as they drove past at a high rate of speed, nearly striking another one of his friends.

Calixte claimed that this is when the fight broke out, according to reports.

Witnesses questioned by police reportedly said that more men were involved in the fracas but they had fled as the police arrived.

The witnesses reportedly indicated that Tracy and Hatch-Bernier were the primary aggressors, and that Calixte and Manuel attempted to avoid a fight at first.

Hatch-Bernier, Calixte, and Manuel were all placed under arrest and charged with affray common law.

Tracy was hospitalized for the injury to his hand and will be summonsed at a later time.


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