Mayor: Wal-Mart isn’t welcome

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Mayor: Wal-Mart isn’t welcome
By George P. Hassett 

   Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone has joined the growing ranks of elected officials to speak out against Wal-Mart‚Äôs employment practices, and to recognize its destructive effect on healthy local businesses, said a local union this week.
   In a recent City Hall meeting with the Greater Boston Labor Council, Curtatone made clear that he would vigorously oppose any effort to put a Wal-Mart in Somerville.
   ‚ÄúI want you to know that I will resist Wal-Mart here in Somerville, not only because of the company‚Äôs labor practices, but because of what they do to local merchants,‚Äù said Curtatone. ‚ÄúI‚Äôm not about to let Wal-Mart come in to wreak havoc on our local workforce and business community.‚Äù

   Curtatone‚Äôs position was good news to local labor leaders.
   ‚ÄúWe are thrilled that Mayor Curtatone has joined our fight against Wal-Mart. With the Mayor‚Äôs support and a strong union presence in Somerville, we are confident Wal-Mart won‚Äôt be looking to locate in Somerville anytime soon,‚Äô said Rich Rogers, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater Boston Labor Council.
    Mark Govoni from United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1445, applauded Curtatone‚Äôs stance.
    ‚ÄúWal-Mart has done more to depress wages and contribute to the health care crisis than any other corporation. Mayor Curtatone‚Äôs support shows he is willing to side with workers and small businesses against corporate greed,‚Äù he said.



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