Lyrical Somerville for the week of March 22

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Lyrical Somerville for the week of March 22

Why are the oceans, the tide, the changing landscape, so often used as metaphors in poetry? I think poet Jane Etzel answers that question in her compelling poem: ‚ÄúShifting Sands.‚Äù To have your work considered for the ‚ÄúLyrical,‚Äù send it Doug Holder  25 School St. Somerville, Mass. 02143

Shifting Sands

You say your life is changing
Sand castles falling down
Shifting, drifting
Crumbling walls
Tides in
Time’s upside down.

You dreamt the dreams of children
Good love wrapped warm sea sand
Straw towers tall, seashell walls
And magic moat surround.

Now tides are timeless wonders
They gently lap around
Creep through the sands
With seaweed hands
And towers tumble down.

No more of life’s illusions
Sweet salty castles gave
Their glistening gardens
To the tides
Sea treasures for the waves.

You say your life is changing
Your childhood is gone
On shifting sands
You now must stand
Your life will move along.

Jane Etzel


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