Alleged marijuana distribution ring stopped

On April 4, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Last Saturday, Somerville Police, along with the aid of the North Eastern Law Enforcement Council Special Weapons and Tactics team, conducted a secure and search operation at a home on Gilman St. that was suspected of housing a marijuana distribution operation.

Officers provided with search warrants entered the home and conducted their investigation with assistance provided by the Somerville Police K-9 unit.

Warrants were specifically issued for Cody Domings, 20, who reportedly resides with his family at the Gilman St. home.

A search of Cody Domings’ bedroom reportedly uncovered more than three ounces of marijuana, a significant amount of cash, a quantity of sandwich bags, and a digital scale.

Police said that their search also uncovered a quantity of marijuana and another digital scale in the bedroom of Cody Domings’ brother, Steven Domings, 22.

The police canine unit reportedly lead officers to an arcade game located in the home, signaling the presence of suspected narcotics contained therein. When the device was opened officers reportedly found an additional four ounces of marijuana hidden inside.

In total, detectives reported gathering $5,465 in cash throughout the house.

Another resident of the home, Joseph Baldassari, 23, had his room searched and police reportedly discovered grinder containing a white powdery residue, a digital scale, and a tablet believed to be Suboxone, a class B controlled substance.

Cody Domings and Steven Domings were subsequently placed under arrest, each charged with possession to distribute a class D drug and conspiracy to violate drug law.

Joseph Baldassari was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a class B drug.


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