Murat Recevik’s art stresses the details

On April 17, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times
Get all the details at Murat Recevik’s showing at Gallery 321.

Get all the details at Murat Recevik’s showing at Gallery 321.

By Sanjeev Selvarajah

“My new show, entitled All of those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain explores the re-purposing of discarded items into compositions that tell us a story about our past,” writes Murat Recevik.

It is the details that etch an impression on the skin. The average person tends to remember the context and the autobiographical details that make their day-to-day oral history. For a sample of Recevik’s art, check out his website and track the progression of this trendy Somerville artist (

What’s in the cards for Recevik’s exhibit? What trends does he explore from piece to piece? The genre of found object is a category of art that catalogues the recycling of materials, saying as much about the owner as it does the ingredients of each work. This school of thought can, through relationship, present the past through owner profiles that gauge many a factor, such as how utilitarian is the owner of these materials to how stubborn is their habits as a pack rat. Much in the vein of alternative art poses a question for the observer to answer.

Recevik uses everything from magnifying glasses, microscopic filters, candles and wooden shelves. The wooden shelves in his past work give off a magnetic pull to touch and run your hands over the artwork, or to merely, smell the rustic wooden exterior. It’s a safe bet to say that all senses except for taste are available when examining his artwork.

He has travelled extensively and often visits his home in Turkey. “The juxtaposition of my observations in these two countries allows me to witness drastic change. I am particularly aware of the shedding and discarding that goes on both materially and mentally.”

Recevik elaborates beautifully on the parallels of his artwork to the existential systems of science fiction such as the film Blade Runner, whether his work is a picture of a jet pilot, from his 2011 work, very steampunk, to the reflecting properties of lenses.

Right now Recevik can be nailed to a spot: Saturdays from 12-4 p.m., at 321 Washington Street, Gallery 321. Visit his site to preview his art before attending the gallery hours. The experience will be a sensual delight, one not to be missed.



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