Disorderly trespasser removed from street

On April 20, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

A Somerville Housing Authority (SHA) Police Investigator’s attention was drawn to an individual who appeared to be weaving off and back onto the sidewalk on Memorial Rd. last Thursday evening.

The investigator, who was driving an unmarked SHA police car, recognized the man as Christopher Hicks, 24, the subject of a complaint made a few days earlier by SHA management.

Hicks had reportedly been sleeping in hallways and littering at 35A Memorial Rd., as well as acting belligerently towards residents of the complex and behaving as though he was highly intoxicated.

The investigator had knowledge that Hicks was not welcome on SHA property because of these complaints.

The investigator reportedly stopped Hicks and asked him to step towards the car for questioning, at which time he allegedly began swearing and yelling.

Hicks reportedly approached the investigator’s car but, according to reports, behaved in a highly agitated manner, even after the investigator identified himself.

The investigator reportedly issued a verbal trespass warning to Hicks, due to the man’s recent behavior at the Memorial Rd. building.

Hicks reportedly responded by screaming vulgarities at the investigator, and it was noted that passers-by were startled by the man’s behavior.

It was explained to Hicks that he would be allowed to visit relatives at 35A Memorial Rd. but that he was forbidden from loitering in hallways or anywhere else on the property, at which time Hicks once again began screaming obscenities at the investigator, according to reports.

At this time the investigator rolled up the window of his vehicle and radioed for backup, as Hicks reportedly continued to yell and behave aggressively, as reports indicate.

Hicks reportedly moved away from the car for a short time and stood at the corner of Memorial and Temple Rds., all the while glaring at the investigator, who remained in his vehicle.

At a certain point Hicks reportedly walked in a hurried manner while angrily looking towards the investigator, and eventually took a stance in the middle of Memorial Rd., a few feet away from the investigator’s car. Hicks continued spitting and swearing, and was blocking traffic, according to reports.

SHA and Somerville police backup arrived and the investigator approached Hicks, asking him to vacate the street in order to allow traffic to pass through, which he reportedly refused to do.

Hicks was then escorted off the street and placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. Once in custody he was also processed for warrant charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, assault, and assault and battery.


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