Massachusetts voters are in charge

On April 21, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

maisano_2_webBy Paul Maisano

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As the April 30 special election for the U. S. Senate draws closer, the heat is on. It appears the average working person in Massachusetts has decided, ‘enough is enough.’ Voters are prepared to once again send their message from the voting booth.

Congressman Ed Markey, now known as “the anointed one,” accompanied by the top political democratic brass who drafted him, are now watching the double digit lead over Congressman Steven Lynch dwindle to single numbers. It’s no secret this group of “the elite” attempted to “hijack another election.”

However, their plan is unraveling like a time-lapse video of a sun setting on the horizon.

They have underestimated the collective intelligence of the Massachusetts electorate. Once again, the INDEPENDENT voters shall be the ultimate decision makers in this primary election.

That is, of course…if they remember to VOTE!

The Markey campaign is notably scrambling to tailor their multi-million dollar message to that sea of “undecided.”

Like carnival magicians, the Markey camp is asking voters to watch the left hand, while the right hand is where the coin ends up. The plan is to hit the hot button issues like guns, oil polluters, and avoid mentioning the “out of control” national debt, and skyrocketing energy costs.

Oh, did I neglect to mention who has been watching the store for nearly forty years as our Congressman. Maybe Ed can get a “spill cam” on federal spending deficit, so we can watch the national debt as it buries our children futures!

Massachusetts voters are NOT STUPID!

If the “so called democratic leadership” dare think that the people are just sheep…they should think again! As in 2010, with the Martha Coakley candidacy, the herd is ready to stamp arrogance into the ground.

Hopefully, in this April 30 special election, the registered INDEPENDENT voters shall be steering the democratic nomination, not the democratic “backroom bosses.”

Incidentally, a quick message from the physics to that group of political hacks who set up camps to run for the, yet to happen, open seat in the 5th Congressional District…go back for an updated physic reading. A prudent decision to take down those prematurely erected tents may help save face. The people have not voted…YET!

Over 200 years ago Paul Revere shouted a warning that the British were coming. Now we can warn the political deal makers…The INDEPENDENT voters are coming, the INDEPENDENTS voters are coming!

The king makers have insulted the average worker, one time, too many. Even with our busy everyday regimen of work, mortgages, bills, college loans, kids, grandkids, and sometimes serious health issues, the average person still manages to pay attention to what’s going on in Washington.

Congratulations are owed to the average Joe Citizen. The working person is not a sucker after all! The people of Massachusetts are gearing up to once again surprise the establishment. The word on the street is the voters will speak out loud and clear on April 30, choosing a senator who is “of the people.”

If you are out in the coffee shops, or getting your car fixed at the mechanic’s, the story is the same. Ed Markey is a nice guy, but we haven’t seen him around here in years. One astute Malden voter even stated to me that, “Now that Ed Markey needs us for our votes, he magically appears, from Pittsfield to Provincetown. Ed has lost touch with the people in his district.”

I hear the Markey people, canvassing neighborhoods in his home district, are getting the cold shoulder from voters.

The Steven Lynch campaign crew continues to ask for help from Massachusetts voters every waking moment. The Lynch team knows the job. Getting the message out to voters is the key. The average person is now being asked to not forget to vote on April 30.

The Stephen Lynch campaign climbs everyday like a steel frame high rise structure with new strong supportive relationships bolted in place by everyday working people, holding signs, calling relatives, even visiting old friends.

Stephen Lynch is working hard for the people’s vote with every waking hour. Stephen Lynch wants to earn the support of the electorate. Stephen Lynch is politely asking the Massachusetts voters to consider him as their choice. Stephen is the working persons’ choice!


14 Responses to “Massachusetts voters are in charge”

  1. A. Moore says:

    100% percent agreement except for “Massachusetts voters are NOT STUPID!”. They put Deval in twice and I will stop there as the list is long. I will continue to vote in every election big and small and hopefully one day the other voters will finally get it and go out and do the right thing.

  2. Snoop Hedgehog says:

    A lot of shady characters endorsing this guy. Guess I’ll have to vote the other way.

  3. Elio LoRusso says:

    Twice in the last few months, two Somerville Ward Aldermen have resigned, giving up their seats just prior to scheduled elections.

    According to the Somerville City Charter, if a member of the Board of Alderman resigns less than a year before scheduled elections, they are replaced not by voters – but by a vote of the Board of Aldermen.

    An Alderman who is appointed to serve out a few months of a term has incredible advantages in the subsequent election if they choose to run. More than 90 percent of incumbents win re-election and these appointed members will start this election season in pole position.

    There have been three appointments to Somerville city government recently – Ward 1 Alderman; Ward 1 School Committee – and Ward 5 Alderman. Each appointment has been dealt with in dramatically different ways. There’s no longer rhyme or reason to who gets appointed. It used be that the outgoing school committee member was appointed, but we learned last week that politics is more important than tradition in this respect.

    It’s clear that this method of replacing retiring aldermen and School Committee members isn’t working anymore. It’s unfair – and it’s been contaminated by politics. It’s time to change it.

    There’s a simple way a ward can remain represented after a resignation without bypassing voters. A caretaker alderman should be appointed – one who won’t seek election to the seat just a few months after appointment.

    There are many dedicated, competent people willing to serve our city on a caretaker basis. When the School Committee sought candidates to fill the recent vacancy in Ward 1, ten residents of East Somerville offered their candidacy.

    This method has been used in Massachusetts to appoint two caretaker US Senators after the death of Senator Kennedy and the resignation of Senator Kerry. Both appointed Senators served us with distinction – and allowed the electoral process to proceed, free of politics.

    This method will ensure residents are represented – and that all candidates for office compete on an equal footing. If it’s good enough for the United States Senate, it’s good enough for the Somerville Board of Aldermen.

    Representing your city and your neighborhood is an honor – and we need to encourage more people to serve. Municipal elections are already low-turnout affairs with few candidates. We shouldn’t be adding to cynicism by bypassing voters in what seem like stacked elections with favored candidates.

    I’m proud and excited to be a candidate for Ward One Alderman. I’m happy to make my case to voters that I will best represent their interests.

    If I’m lucky enough to win election in November, I’ll never endorse a policy of hidden appointments to our city government. All elected officials must ask the voters for their support based on positions, beliefs, and commitment. It’s the least voters deserve.

  4. John Kerry's Ghost says:

    I really don’t understand why liberals are so excited about Markey. He’s just another John Kerry: a soft, waffling pol who’s opinion changes with the wind. He voted for the war in Iraq when it was politically expedient, then voted to de fund the war when it was unpopular. He has this supposed great track record on the environment but his signature legislation failed to get passed, so what has he actually done? He’s known as the pro choice candidate, but his views have also evolved as Popular opinion has changed. This isn’t to say Im a huge Lynch guy, but I definitely feel he’s more honest. If any liberals out there can tell me why Markey is God’s gift to the progressive movement I’d like to hear it. But from where I sit Markey is just another hack who will not make tough decisions without taking a poll.

  5. Boston Strong says:

    Where has Markey been in the past week? I haven’t seen him involved in anything related to the marathon attack. He’s probably in DC, his true home. I’ve seem lynch all over the place, though.

  6. Dan says:

    Elio–give it a rest. Both were in compliance with the charter. Please read it if you are going to run for alderman. Send a copy to Mark too.

  7. Ward-1 Resident says:

    Elio LoRusso, just prior to schedule elections? One was 11 months away, and the other is 7 months away, not quite close to ‘just prior’. “Each appointment has been dealt with in dramatically different ways”? All three were dealt with exactly as the City Charter states, by a majority vote of the elected body. Why is this ‘unfair’, because you were not given either Ward-1 appointment? I bet it would have been fair if you were appointed! And you were interested in both seats, I know. Appoint a caretaker! You have to be kidding. Stop 10 people in the street and ask them who the two caretakers were for the Senate seats and no-one will be able to name even one of them. Why? Because they were lame ducks, ineffective with no leverage or power to lobby for the residents of Massachusetts. Neither one of them sponsored a bill that had an effect in Massachusetts. Is this what you want for the residents of ward-1 and ward-5? A caretaker that has no power during the most crucial time of the year, budget time? While the other wards get new sidewalks, new streets, trees planted, and economic development residents in wards 1 and 5 will get nothing. Elio LoRusso, pay attention, if you want to be an Alderman understand how the system works. Elio LoRusso, where were you at the public hearings for the Charter Changes when this issue came up? You were not at the hearings. Oh what a minute, you were not a candidate then so you didn’t care. Now all of a sudden you care, sounds like sour grapes to me.

  8. Dan says:

    Ward 1 Resident is spot on. Both wards were appointed perfect reps that will do just fine in November.

  9. Kate says:

    Ward 1 Resident and Dan reflect what most people are thinking. The ‘farm team’ recently had a ward-1 poll on who would you vote for for your alderman and they are currently conducting a ward-5 poll on the alderman replacement for ward-5. In ward-1 a record number of votes were cast and Maureen Bastardi received close to 70% of the votes (Elio received 5%). Currently Courtney O’Keefe leads the ward-5 poll with 60% of the vote, Mark has 10%. Can 70% and 60% respectively be wrong? I think not!

  10. ritepride says:

    The only thing I remember Markey for is the news article when the police were called when he went after his girlfriend.

  11. Dan says:

    Kate, where are these polls?

  12. Winter Hill Barney says:

    This column is low on information about the policy positions of the candidates and high on Archie Bunker style blowhardism.

    Deficit spending is mentioned as an issue, but how do Markey and Lynch differ on it? Anyone know? I’d like to vote for a candidate who will make the hedge fund parasite class pay their fair share of taxes.

  13. Kate says:

    Dan, the ward 1 poll has been taking down — the ward 5 poll is still on the farm team (somerville journal) home page, you can still vote.
    Here are the ward 1 numbers last I looked before they took it down:
    • Maureen Bastardi 66%
    • Elio LoRusso 5%
    • Matt McLaughlin 14%
    • Someone else 14%
    * Not sure 1%

  14. Paul Maisano says:

    Well, politics in Somerville is alive, and well!!
    The core of this story was targeted towards voter apathy, in the upcoming US Senate race. Of course most of the text is based on historical facts, and of course, my humble opinion…….
    If a nerve was hit and a few comments are redirected to local issues, so be it.

    Debate on issues is a healthy component of our democracy. Swing away boys and girls……no kidney punches allowed!! Paul Maisano

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