Lyrical Somerville – May 8

On May 8, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times



Visiting Somerville poet Paige Bluhdorn, is a former ballerina and model. Paige danced for the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York City where she was discovered as a model; she subsequently graced the runways and campaigns of leading fashion houses such as Chanel, Valentino, Missoni and Giorgio Armani. Additionally, she has appeared in fashion magazines that include Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour.

After taking time off to raise her twin daughters, Paige resurfaced in the fashion arena to launch her debut handbag collection Paige Bluhdorn.




Frailty of blossoming petal,

blade of grass

as seen looking through a looking glass,

a prism,

A beam of light.


It’s me standing here,

how queer,

my hair askew,

my rubber band bondage

Please wind,

blow me in another direction.


Dear Nature,

Hand pulling me at

my roots,

help me,

find my way.



of blood and stone

A bosom,

A bow,

An African throw

the leaves

fragile underfoot


by the crackle of hoof.


The tea,

the temperature,

the clouded milk,

from my breast

might I go home

to my babies

after this test.


– Paige Bluhdorn


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4 Responses to “Lyrical Somerville – May 8”

  1. DiShan says:

    Delicate. Bold. Intelligent. Courageous. Beautiful. Breathe taking.
    Thank you for showing me how mariculous you are inside.

  2. Pixie Pocahontas says:

    She was a ballerina and model, so she may fall under the cover of eccentric which is excusable.

    Crazy only applies to the poor, unconnected.

  3. Oliver Seppo says:

    Paige, you are beautiful. The mediocre plebes will always envy you and try to take you down.

  4. Einstein said, ‘Great spirits encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.’ Thank you Dishan & Oliver. The beauty is the ugliness of social media exposing ignorance, but opinion none the less requested, warranted, allowed, encouraged. It is our 1st Ammendment right Freedom of Speech and from that comes debate and it is to beat down other nations who oppressed their populations and allowed for supreme reign of denying the people their given perspective on any given day based on their experiences that years later may and should be allowed to change and be allowed to express a different view of so chosen, that is the ‘free’ part of freedom.
    Possibly Pixie, upon reflection your view might change, might not, but as a survivor of domestic violence, I speak out, even for the abuser by asking abuse to stop and I do so too fit the innocent, my children, yours and those to be born to live free of abuse and this I too have a right to speak freely about… Yet, I will be challenged to do so for posting views on facebook regarding the facts regarding my domestic violence experiences. So here, in context, I write to my daughters as I must pass such a test of sanity for fleeing with my daughters away from abuse to protect us all… If I am Not allowed a voice to speak out against that which should not be allowed then it would be to tell you, you have not the right to comment about my poem. In fact, your comment is accurate, ‘crazy’ is circumstance not a fact of being, acting and expression as art, poetry is too self expression that can be objectionable to some of the subject matter is purposely offensive to achieve a reaction, push limits, or if it hits a personal cord in the viewer to which one might react like you, a comment I do not comprehend. However it invited a comment to give I am grateful by Oliver, to come to my defense, as his perspective on ‘Frailty’ insited a different reaction, to defend in an environment in which I am grateful to be defended as the core of what I write is to be united with my daughters in need of my love, guidance, supper and direction.
    Thank you all for caring enough to comment.
    Thank you Doug Holder for your encouragement and allowing me to have a voice, to be proudly publishers in Somerville. -The readers delight for the obscure to express sometimes the only mode allowed to free their shackled souls from tyranny.


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