Clarendon Hill Towers under investigation

On May 16, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Somerville Alderman ask  the Somerville Human Rights Commission to investigate the complaints of Clarendon Hill Towers residents. ~Photo by Bobbie Toner

Somerville Alderman ask the Somerville Human Rights Commission to investigate the complaints of Clarendon Hill Towers residents. – Photo by Bobbie Toner

By Harry Kane

A resolution passed during the Board of Aldermen meeting on May 9, which will ask the Human Rights Commission to investigate complaints of unlawful treatment, discrimination and harassment of tenants by the management of the Clarendon Hill Towers.

Clarendon Hill Towers is a housing complex located at 1374 Broadway in West Somerville. There are 501 apartments at the complex and roughly 50 percent of the residents are elderly. Despite repeated attempts to contact Clarendon Hill Towers, management declined to comment regarding the recent complaints.

“This has been an ongoing issue for some time,” said Ward 7 Alderman Robert Trane. “A week doesn’t go by where I don’t get a phone call of some sort of complaint.” Trane cannot even believe some of the allegations coming from tenants, but the more he looks into the continued concerns of the residents, the more he finds there is a “grain of truth to it.”

Trane says that an independent group needs to investigate the complaints. The rest of the aldermen joined Trane in asking the Somerville Human Rights Commission to investigate the complaints. The hope is to protect and serve the constitutional, civil and human rights of the people in the city, explained Trane.

According to Trane, he has heard complaints that include harassment, intimidation and vandalism. “It goes on and on and on,” said Trane. During a recent deposition concerning a lawsuit for a tenant that used to live at Clarendon Hill Towers, Trane said he found out that some 20 to 30 residents are allegedly evicted every month. “I almost fell off my chair when I heard that number,” said Trane.


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  1. john doe says:

    Someone was served with a no-tresspassing notice illegally by the property manager. She actually did this by blackmailing a tenant into signing the notice or the ‘tenant’ would be evicted. No one should live under such a threatening environment. The true facts of the situation are being manipulated by the management. Also, there are those who have gone to housing and housing sent them to Clarendon hill towers when they get to the top of the list. Three apointments later, they were finally told to just wait for them to call or whatever it was pointless they were not accepted, but done in a way where they were not told why. It’s obvious discrimination.

  2. K says:

    Cornerstone Corp, First Hartford Corp, and Connolly and Partners LLC abuse and set-up frivolous evictions against low-income residents on their other properties too. They overwhelm the housing courts in Brockton (Southeast Housing Court) and Boston too. Unrepresented tenants are too often forced into mediation where they are coerced into signing documents they don’t fully understand. These corporate landlords and partners have attempted to extort extra rent money from tenants during mediation too. The same executives form a variety of corporate partnerships under various LLC, LLP, LP names. The Law Firm of Scolnick and Russo on Oliver Street in Boston usually represents these various partnerships in several courts in Massachusetts. A number of complaints have already been filed with MCAD, HUD, MassHousing, Attorney General’s Office, etc. etc. but not much has been done to put an end to the abuse of vulnerable tenants of Massachusetts. Please take a look at the website to know more.

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