By William Tauro

A Honda belonging to a City of Somerville employee who parked her car on New Washington Street in Somerville overnight  Wednesday, returned the next day to find it on blocks and two of her wheels missing.

The employee left her car there overnight while she was on a Somerville Council on Aging overnight field trip chaperoning Somerville seniors who were on an overnight stay in New Jersey.

The vehicle was noticed by pedestrians at around 8 a.m. on Thursday morning sitting on a cinder block and it’s two passenger side wheels missing.

The Somerville Police were called and made aware of the situation and said that they will be stepping up patrols on that street.


2 Responses to “Somerville senior’s field trip leaves wheels gone, car on blocks”

  1. Atlee Elmont says:

    I wonder what PHILB thinks of this? He recently commented about the good old days when “crime was rampant”(his words).

    It’s pretty bad when a car can have the tires removed without the perps being seen. Philb, crime is still with us in Somerville, and I don’t mean that as criticism of the Somerville Police-they do a great job.

    The Police and Fire Department are understaffed, but they do a very good job in protecting us. Might the Mayor concentrate more on public safety than his pet projects such as bikes, green energy, etc..)?

    His whole gig is self-promotion!

  2. Harry says:

    Sumbit**es! That’s what you get when your area gets gentrified by West coast yuppies and locals are left in poverty!

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