That’s all folks!

On May 18, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

del_ponte_3_webLife in the Ville by Jimmy Del Ponte

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I started writing this little column back in 2008. I thought I was going to write funny stories about Somerville. It then evolved into a sort of history of Somerville. I changed the name from On The Silly Side, to Life in the Ville, because that was what it was about, life in this great city of ours.

After writing in this paper for over five years, I have decided that I have touched on just about everything I can think of. I wrote about the schools, the old stores, the playgrounds, the beaches we went to, the radio stations we listened to and the TV shows we watched. I touched on the family doctor, music, holidays, old toys, our first jobs, and our first cars. I wrote about the bars and restaurants we used to frequent and the old stores, factories and sub shops that we loved. At the risk of being redundant and repetitive, I am hanging it up for a while.

I loved doing this article and it was a labor of love. I was helped out a lot by the social networks such as Facebook. People would send me ideas to write about and I interviewed some very interesting characters. In my position as Somerville Youth Arts Coordinator, the summer is my busy time. I need to donate most of my time to the Sunsetters, The Moonlighters, and Project STAR. And if there is any time left over, me and my family will head up north to our little New Hampshire getaway. I will also continue helping my sons, Jimmy and Joey Del Ponte’s band Stainless.

I particularly enjoyed being stopped at the corner store by some of you awesome readers. You would say something like, “I love your articles,” and I would ask how they knew it was me. They would smile and say. “I recognized you from your photo in the paper!” That photo kept me from screaming at drivers in traffic and flipping people off. Well, let’s just say it slowed it down a bit. You can’t take the Somerville out of the boy!

Being a lifelong Villen is the best! I love the people, the history, and the landscape. A prouder Somerville citizen there could not be. Thank you for letting me share my stories, poems, and memories with you for the past five years. Believe me, when I have something vital to say, you will hear from me again.

You can find all of my previous stories by searching (Google) The Somerville News, On The Silly Side, Life in the Ville, or just my name. I’d like to thank Cam and Bobbie Toner, Donald Norton and all the staff at The Somerville News for their generous help and support over the years. You have not heard the last of me I promise. Somerville Rocks! Thank you, and I’ll see you around The Ville!


6 Responses to “That’s all folks!”

  1. ritepride says:

    Sad…Sad…Sad…Good Luck Jimmy…You kept past times of Somerville alive and it has been greatly appreciated by readers from all over. It will be a loss for all but hopefuly you will be able to revive it in the future. Maybe some day you will be able to compile a book of the stories.

    Meanwhile there wil be plenty to read of the other events via the Somerville News and the politicians will always be around to provide interesting stuff for the readers to write about. Though the way they all seem to be bailing there may be something interesting in the winds.

  2. jimmy Del Ponte says:

    Because of the overwhelming and humbling response to last weeks “farewell” article, I have decided to revamp and retool. We will run past stories throughout the summer and start fresh around August or September. Thank You Jimmy

  3. Barry the Pig says:

    Oh no, no! Look, people, Jimmy had volunteered to shut up, that was our chance! But noooo, you had to convince him to continue yapping!@%$&#.

    Just kidding, keep up the good work Jimmy, we want to hear more about how good things were in the old days and how everything is messed up now, in comparison! :)

  4. Babe the pig herder says:

    Funny thing is Barry the pig is mocking Jimmy, but he still reads his commentaries. Sorry the news won’t give you a commentary, but no one wants to hear the insights of a snotty blogger who comes from a place with no culture or history. We’d rather hear Jimmy talk about the good old days because we identify with it, something you clearly have trouble doing with other people. Keep up the good work, Jimmy!

  5. garym says:

    Encore Encore Encore- That’s awesome– I mean in you are coming back later in the summer. Will keeping reading the best from ‘our’ Ville. Have a great, but busy summer.


  6. A. Moore says:

    Glad to hear you staying with this somewhat. Somebody needs to remember what we forgot.

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