Lyrical Somerville – June 12

On June 12, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Connor Adams, a creative writing student of mine at Endicott College in Beverly, Mass.sent me a poem of his that is perfect for Father’s Day.

Connor Adams

Connor Adams

Father’s Day

Been gone three months
Middle of my sophomore year
Everything I own in the trunk of the car
He comes out grabs the smallest bag

I look at him and laugh
What, getting too old to grab the heavy bags?
He chuckles
No you’re getting too old to make me carry them.

Come here pops
It’s good to see you son
You’re getting too damn big.
Not my fault I got the tall gene that skipped you.
Just shut up and give me a hug.

A few days later he comes up to me
When did you write this?
Hmm oh that it was for American history.
Chess and the cold war it was interesting.
It was fun to write about.
Want to play?
You sure you can still take me?
Ha yeah we’ll see how smug you are in a few minutes.
White or Black?
White always you know that Dad.
Not sure why I even ask anymore.
Knight to c3
Pawn to c6
Pawn to e4
This seems familiar…
It’s Fischer’s favorite opening.
Since when do you know Fischer?
Since I wrote a 13 page paper on him.
I’m impressed.
Don’t be yet. It’s only the second move.
Well then let us continue

Back and forth
Piece by piece
The game went on
It was the first time
I ever almost won
He got me in the end though

– Connor Adams


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