Mayor seeks temporary medical marijuana moratorium

On June 13, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone is asking that the Somerville Board of Aldermen approve a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries through June 30, 2014, giving officials time to review both state regulations approved in May and Somerville’s own zoning bylaws to ensure the city will adequately address and comply with the new law.

The Massachusetts Public Health Council’s 52 pages of medical marijuana regulations went into effect on May 24, following the legalization of medical marijuana in the November 2012 election. The state law allows a maximum of 35 nonprofit dispensaries in Massachusetts, including at least one and no more than five in a county.

Attorney General Martha Coakley has ruled that cities and towns may impose moratoriums to provide officials time to study and adopt measures to control development of new uses, such as medical marijuana dispensaries.

A moratorium in Somerville would provide time for the city’s Legal Department to carefully study the new state regulations and time for the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development and the Health Department to review the city’s current ordinances to ensure they adequately address this new use.

“Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved the legalization of medical marijuana with 63 percent of the vote last November, and I will honor the decision of the voters,” Mayor Curtatone said. “As with any new use or business in the city, we want to be diligent, thoughtful and educated before making any decisions.”


11 Responses to “Mayor seeks temporary medical marijuana moratorium”

  1. mememe says:

    ya, temporary. Just like the income tax is going to temporally raise above the voter mandated 5%.

    Curtatone is just in favor of a police state that enforces racist drug policy. Addiction is a crime that should be treated with 5-10 in jail right? What I ingest is the business of the state, just like what I do in my bedroom is, what I do on my phone is, what I do in my email is.

  2. mememe says:

    Also (sorry for the double post)
    “giving officials time to review both state regulations approved in May and Somerville’s own zoning bylaws to ensure the city will adequately address and comply with the new law.”

    Can I have a moratorium on paying my property tax bill? I will adequately pay and comply with the law in my own time? Ditto for laws preventing me from smoking pot? I will comply with the law at some point, but for now I would like to sit back, puff and consider the law.

    Politicians that think the law does not apply to then, or they can comply when the feel like it should be kicked out of office and charged.

  3. MassCentral says:

    Strange how, and I’m pro-choice,, with abortion, “It’s my body, my choice”.

    But it’s a whole different thing when it’s something that every normal person wants that hurts NO ONE!!!!

  4. Joe says:

    MassCentral, you are misinformed. Studies where medical marijuana has been implemented have shown an increase in marijuana use, especially among young people. I can outline why that is a bad thing and how it can hurt many, if you like.

  5. Kenneth says:

    If he were actually interested in being diligent, he would have started studying the issue last November.

  6. Joey says:


    Every study I’ve seen has shown steady use or a slight decline in teen use where medical marijuana is available. Given it’s relatively harmless nature, all the teen use on earth wouldn’t be reason enough to keep cannabis away from those who need it.

  7. mememe says:

    Joe, so your news flash is that when something becomes less illegal there is more use of it? /mindblown.

    Also, no where does anyone suggest making pot legal for kids. There are still laws on the books that would prevent that even in the places with the most liberal (classical liberal, not current US liberal) drug policies. You fight a strawman. “oh no, if beer is legal for people over 21, people will drive drunk. Oh, lets make beer illegal for everyone, then no one will drive drunk right?”

  8. Anna says:

    Joey, the studies I’ve seen agree with what was posted by ‘Joe’. I find it irritating that people continue to refer to marijuana as harmless, as though it is no big deal. Yet noone ever calls alcohol or cigarettes harmless. The crane operator in the building collapse in Philadelphia had pot in his system. Harmless.
    I don’t understand the argument that it is allowed so we must have one in Somerville, or we are somehow breaking the law, or denying someone their civil rights.

  9. mememe says:

    Anna, I’m pretty sure the person in the crane accident also had milk in his system. BAN MILK!

    Another strawman to slay! No one with half a brain says pot is harmless. People say that more harm and costs come from making it illegal. To much weight lifting is harmful to the body, should we fine people that lift items over 20 lbs? Riding in a car is harmful. If there were no cars, no one would ever die in a car accident. Ban cars? People that dont know what they talk about yet try to influence policy decisions are harmful, ban democracy?

  10. Ryan says:

    June 30, 2014

    Why would this take more than a year to review and discuss? Because your law-makers don’t care.

  11. John says:

    ‘mememe’, your name is perfect. You have a foolish argument. Many things are harmful, however, smoking pot impairs judgement as well as mobility. Therefore, driving a car while high on pot is as harmful as driving drunk. Operating a crane while high is harmful. Accidents caused by these impairments will increase as we go down the slippery slope that most people seem to want, which is legalization. And if you think the costs are high now, wait until you see an increase in addiction. The cost will skyrocket.

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