Bad aim costs man a night in jail

On June 21, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

A reported case of vandalism brought police to a College Ave. residence last Saturday, shortly after midnight.

The reporting party told officers that while he was visiting a friend at 195 College Ave. residence, he was drawn outside after hearing the sound of glass shattering. He reportedly said that after looking around the area of his parked car he could see pieces of broken glass on the ground.

While officers were taking the reporting party’s statement, a man came out of the residence located at 185 College Ave. He reportedly told officers that he had attempted to toss a bottle of liquor to a friend on his porch, but he missed and the bottle scraped the passenger’s side door of the reporting party’s car before crashing to the ground.

It was noted by the officers that the car’s door had been damaged and showed signs of scratched paint.

Officers further observed that the man, Denis Richard, 20, of  Medford, appeared to be glassy eyed and intoxicated.

Richard was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with destruction of property over $250.


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