Independence Day knife attack

On July 10, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were called to the vicinity of 206 Washington St. last Thursday evening, July 4, on a report of a fight in progress involving weapons. Officers en route were informed that one of the parties involved in the disturbance was reportedly armed with a machete and that he was part of an earlier incident related to the use of a machete.

Upon arrival, officers spotted a man, later identified as Fredy Portillo, 33, standing on the sidewalk, reportedly in a very agitated state. He was shirtless and officers noted a big bite mark on his chest.

Police were advised that the victim of an alleged knife attack by Portillo had gone into a store at 208 Washington St. The alleged victim was located in the store by officers, and they noted that several knife wounds were visible on his body.

The alleged victim reportedly told officers that he had been attacked by Portillo for no apparent reason while on his way to visit a friend in the area. The alleged victim said that Portillo lunged at him, inflicting a wound in his upper chest area, according to reports.

At that point the alleged victim said he tried to run to the nearby police station to get assistance but Portillo caught up with him and inflicted a second knife wound, to his upper back area.

A scuffle between the two men then ensued, according to reports, and another knife wound was inflicted on the alleged victim, this time in his lower abdominal area, creating a major gash.

To break free of his attacker, the alleged victim reportedly bit Portillo’s chest, then ran into the store, where someone called the police.

The alleged victim reportedly said that he had no prior relationship with Portillo and had no idea why he had been attacked by him.

Police noted that Portillo had been involved in an incident earlier that same day, when he entered the nearby police station with a bloody nose, reporting that he had been fighting with his roommate.

He was told to wait for a Spanish speaking officer since he did not speak English, but apparently became impatient and left the police station saying that he would be taking matters into his own hands, police said.

Officers stopped Portillo outside the police station so that he could get the assistance he requested, according to reports, but also noted that he seemed to be holding his waistline as if he was concealing something under his clothes.

Concerned that Portillo might be armed, police searched him and found him to be in possession of a machete, which was immediately confiscated, according to reports.

Portillo was then sent to the hospital to be treated for the injuries he sustained while fighting with his roommate.

After the knifing incident later that evening, Portillo was placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault to murder.


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  1. gregtowne says:

    let me get this straight, he’s stopped earlier that day outside the police station carrying a machete and they let him go? What a lovely city we live in. Thank you Mr. Mayor! This is what being a sanctuary city brings us! Keep raising those taxes though.

  2. suzie says:

    You are so right. Why was he released after being found carrying a machete? Did they think he needed it to work in the fields? Did they release him because he didn’t speak English? This city is dying, and we are helping it.

  3. Larry says:

    Folks, because this mayor has pandered to the hard left and allowed this city to be “open borders” — this city is going to be (and is in some respects already) a city of the “haves” and “have-nots”. You will have the wealthy in Ward 6/7 then middle in wards (2,3,5) and then the bottom feeders/illegals (some intermingled in the other wards) in Wards 1 & 4. Bottom feeders being illegals, transients and other undesirables.

    Since the mayor needs to pander to the progressives – who have flocked in – nothing will be done. When > 60% of SHS’s student body barely speaks English – we are going to have issues down the road.

    It was the best of times… it was the worst of times. That should be the new motto of the city.

  4. MarketMan says:

    Larry: As the city continues to add affordable housing (see Union Square SCC development proposal), this city is accelerating in the direction you speak of: a city of the “haves” and “have-nots”.

  5. Kim says:

    A little background on this Portillo individual. He has been hanging out pretty regularly on the stoop of 208 Washington st, which is about 50 yards from the police department. When I say hanging out, I really mean consuming bottles of Vodka in plain site of all the neighbors and then he proceeds to pass out and wet himself. I’ve personally seen this happen on multiple occasions. I knew it was only a matter of time before he did something like this as he has demonstrated in the past not to be just a harmless drunk, but more or less a menace to the surrounding area, such as, screaming at 3am, opening urinating and harassing folks walking by.

    On the day of this incident I witnessed the machete arrest and said to myself “thank god he is getting arrested, now we won’t have to put up with his antics”. Much to my dismay, a few hours later (after his first arrest) I looked outside again and saw this individual was back on his stoop shirtless and chugging a large vodka bottle. I thought how in the world did he get back on the street so fast after just terrorizing people at the bus stop and convenience store on the corner with a machete…. So as the night wore on he became more intoxicated and vicious and you could just tell something bad was going to happen.

    It was around 9:30 when we heard another commotion and looked outside again to see this individual viciously attacking/stabbing another person who looked to be trying to get away. I was so taken back by what I was witnessing I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never in my life witnessed a stabbing and hope to never see it happen again as it is a frightening thing to witness. Finally the police showed up (about 20 cop cars) to get the situation under control. However, I blame the police for treating this vagrant like he was harmless, when in fact he is a very unstable dangerous person. They could have prevented the 2nd attack by charging him with a crime after his first arrest, but for whatever reason the released him back into the neighborhood to cause more mayhem.

    Shame on the SPD for not doing their job in the first place!

  6. MarketMan says:

    Kim: Thanks for the background, and I agree (based on your story) that the SPD is at fault.

  7. Larry says:

    The victim ought to consider filing some sort of class action lawsuit against the city for their “sanctuary city” nonsense and his injuries. I am sure the SPD’s hands were tied dealing with him as they can’t question his citizenship status for fear of getting in trouble with the mayor and the progressive faction that has run amuck here.

    My understanding is that the illegals now account for ~65% of the violent crime in Somerville. Something has to be done. If they came here in peace to work and assimilate that’s would be great, but they haven’t. They’ve come to rape. pillage and plunder and the cop’s hands are tied by the leftist, elite (we need them to clean our houses under the table!) progressives and the mayor who panders to those progressives.

  8. Barry the Pig says:

    “found him to be in possession of a machete”

    How do you hide a machete in your underpants?… :0

  9. Biggest Fan says:

    The looney Regressives have certainly co-opted this tiny piece of cyberspace. Very entertaining. More, please.

  10. gregtowne says:

    The mayor is at fault here and he is the one that should be sued. If I was the victim I would most definitely be filing suit. I believe the police departments hands are tied due to the mayors policies.

  11. MarketMan says:

    Larry: I don’t know where you get that statistic, but even if it were true, that doesn’t mean that the majority of the illegal immigrants are here to “rape, pillage and plunder”. A small minority of people are always the ones who screw things up for everyone. That’s true regardless of background or legal resident status.

  12. gregtowne says:

    Biggest Fan, you’re not irate at what happened? You don’t believe that this vicious attack could have been prevented by the police if not for the policies of the current administration? No problem with this person being found with a machete but released hours before attacking an innocent bystander, with another machete? How progressive of you!

  13. Biggest Fan says:

    And how Regressive of you. Predictably.

    I’ll go slowly for you: The story I read indicated that Portillo went to the police to complain of and altercation with his roommate. He was, at that point, not in violation of anything other than carrying a machete, which was rightfully taken away from him. Later, after he committed an assault – an actual crime – he was placed under arrest.

    So where is the malfeasance and dereliction of duty by the police? There is none, of course. More importantly, there is no political component to this, a la “progressive policies” or “sanctuary cities” or any of these other dishonest buzz phrases thrown around by you right-leaning crackpots.

    Mr. Portillo’s case is sad and even frightening, but If I am irritated by anything – and I’m actually more amused than irritated, as I originally stated – it is by how the Regressives seize on any possible opportunity to push their completely self-serving and sad agenda.

    It’s unfortunate that you seem to be trapped in a society where taxation exists for uses other than financing a military–industrial complex and a police state to protect your precious few dollars and useless luxury items. Fact is, you live in America, a place that has for a very long time now helped those in need, hopefully getting them on their feet and self-sustaining, in a humane manner.

    It’s clear that you would be much happier someplace else. Goodbye.

  14. The Truth Will Prevail says:

    Mr. Biggest Fan, Sir, please read carefully. He was not a normal civilian who arrived at the police station to file a complaint. He arrived bloody and said he had been fighting. He got impatient and left, uttering the threat to take matters into his own hands. He was found to be carrying a concealed weapon (machete), and was so injured by his fighting that he required medical treatment. Not to mention, that if what the above poster stated about his every day behavior, the police must have been familiar with him and his problems. They had more than enough reason to at the very least place him in protective custody.

  15. Larry says:

    Biggest fan, what part of “illegal” aren’t you comprehending in him being an illegal alien? He was a criminal before the first incident even started – he’s here illegally. Then on top of that he has zero respect for our laws and attacks some poor slob walking down the street.

    I hope when they let him out – and they will as the mayor and the leftist kooks don’t want to offend the illegals – that he gets all lit up again, grabs a machete and sits on your front stoop babbling and assaulting people. How would you like that? Wake up to reality as this is not abut any agenda – it’s common sense.

  16. Biggest Fan says:

    Amusing, as usual.

    Where in this article, or anywhere else, was it ever stated that this man is an “illegal” alien? Making up “facts” again? Undoubtedly. The eternally dishonest Regressives (i.e., rightist kooks) are good at this. So much for that.

    Next, the last time I checked having a bloody nose and going to the police to report an incident are not crimes. When leaving, making threats, he was stopped, searched, and dispossessed of a potential weapon. Whether or not this constituted an infraction of the law is above my pay grade. The police know more about it than I do, or you, for that matter. At any rate, one fact you’re conveniently leaving out is that he was also sent to the hospital, ostensibly to get treatment for his injuries, but possibly also to help him sober up a bit.

    Of course, we don’t want dangerous people running amok with dangerous intent and the weapons to do harm with. Whether or not he should have – or could have – been arrested at that time is not my biggest concern however. My original comment had to do with erroneously politicizing incidents like this to advance an extremist, self-serving agenda, as this gang of Regressive’s comments have so ineffectively attempted to do.

    Yes, the truth will prevail, in spite of the incessant onslaught of misinformation and outright lies that get thrown out here. Smart people see the truth. The…uh…rest of you need to find a place where you’d be more comfortable. There are lots of places in the world where your views are shared and lived by. Goodbye.

  17. Larry says:

    Biggest fan, the guy is here illegally. That’s a fact and making threats is a crime and being drunk in public meant he should have been taken off the streets for his own good as well as any poor SOB who happened to walk by this criminal.

    Nobody is politicking this issue – we’re just stating the simple fact that the mayor’s policies of sanctuary city have led to the majority of crimes minor and major in this city. Look it up. Illegals are costing us millions in extra social services and crime prevention. Again if they had come to assimilate and work hard — I have no problems with that and applaud it – the issue is that a large number of them have not though. They’ve come to rape, pillage, plunder and suck off the taxpayer’s teats

    Again…. if you love this guy so much then I hope he (and his machete) move in with you and then you can see how much fun it is. Man up, dude.

  18. Biggest Fan says:

    Dude, relax. Smoke a tampon.

    Since your last comment was relatively civil I’ll play a little longer.

    Man up? Sure. Right after you cite your source for repeatedly stating that this guy is “illegal.” The article doesn’t say that, and I have seen no credible source – in fact, no source at all other than your statements – that says so either. More made up “facts.”

    The guy muttered that he would take matters into his own hands. Is that a threat to commit a crime? You could interpret it that way, but the police have to be completely correct about it in order to take action. And they did disarm him and send him to the hospital, as you’ve been told before.

    The article also doesn’t state that he was drunk during the earlier incident. I speculated so, but you insist it’s a fact. Continuous fantasy and outright dishonesty.

    Of course you’re “politicking” the issue. That’s all this is about for you.

    I don’t like illegal immigration either. I think that everyone from outside who wants to live in the U.S.A. should go through proper procedures, learn English, etc. I disagree with the whole concept of sanctuary. I’m far more hard-nosed about it than you would imagine.

    I just don’t like it when certain folks latch on to a story like this and use it to advance peripheral, non-related political ideas. Especially in dishonest ways.

    Meantime, have you looked into relocation yet? I hear that Paraguay is lovely this time of year. Egypt is a happening destination these days, too. Better learn the language, though. Could go rough otherwise.


  19. Boston Kate says:

    “How do you hide a machete in your underpants?… :0`”

    Must’ve been boxers.

  20. sam says:

    1. He admitted he had been fighting (possible assault).
    2. Stated he would ‘take matters into his own hands’ (threat).
    3. Carrying a concealed weapon (weapon violation).
    Yet he was merely disarmed, and ‘sent’ (not transported?) to the hospital. If my son arrived at the police station under those circumstances, I have no doubt he would be arrested, or at the very least, held in protective custody.

  21. Biggest Fan says:

    Lots of possibilities there, Sam. Fortunately for all of us, the police are required to take action based on facts rather than speculation. For now, that is. All good people are praying that the Regressive variation on the rule of law never takes hold.

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with your son.

  22. simon b says:

    SPD have busted Lois V Pelusi of cambridge 4 or 5 times drinking on a park bench in front of goodwill, and no arrest despite the fact that he’s on probation until 2020. it happenned again at 815 last night.

    better than living in medford. i reported a craigslist drug dealer to det. leo sacco three timessince october, sent the guy’s photo and everything.. no arrest, and he’s posted again today offering drugs. obviously a crooked cop. all the drugs you want , coke, meth, and punds of weed at 148 jerome st.( also offering gay sex for a fee, hence the photo) supplying the address had no effect. and the detectives NEVER EVER answer the phone during business hours and after the first report they refused to return calls. medford is a drug dealer’s heaven!

  23. simon b says:

    this guy’s ad is up there right now giving prices on POUNDS. if you lan to do a crime, do it in medford. the only crime that they will enforce is a robbery of dunkies.

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